The American People Have Taken a Stand on the Budget

I received an e-mail from Senator Sanders the yesterday containing a quote from his MSNBC interview on the budget:

“Don’t yield, Mr. President,” Bernie said after congressional Republicans walked out of budget talks on Thursday. Bernie announced plans for a major speech on Monday. A member of the Senate Budget Committee, he says at least half the reduction in red ink must come from new revenue from the wealthiest Americans and the most profitable corporations. “The budget must not be balanced on the backs of working families, the elderly, the sick and the poor while the wealthiest people laugh all the way to the bank,” he said. Shared sacrifice is his term for asking as much from the millionaires as from the millions of Americans. He talked about the White House role at this pivotal moment during an interview with Cenk Uygur. “The American people have got to chime in very loudly and say, ‘Hey Mr. President, stand with us and be prepared to take on the big money interests and we’ll be at your back.”

I have a news flash for Senator Sanders.  The American people have chimed in and they are rejecting more more spending in favor of spending cuts.  This opinion has been expressed in numerous polls, here is one from the Pew Research Center:

“Since June 2009, there have been double-digit declines in the proportions favoring increased federal spending for health care (by 20 percentage points), government assistance for the unemployed (17 points), Medicare (13 points) and veterans’ benefits and services (12 points). Fewer Americans also favor increased spending on military defense (down nine points) and environmental protection (seven points). “

In fact, the perception that our political leaders are not serious about really cutting spending has driven clear opposition among Americans to raising the debt ceiling.  The American people do not want our political leaders to go on hunts for “new revenue” Senator Sanders, they want you to cut spending.