The “Church of Global Warming” is in Session

A few years back True North News Director Rob Roper wrote a commentary entitled Shaman Shumlin: Is Vermont Becoming an Environmental Theocracy?, in which he noted:

The Burlington Free Press observed that Peter Shumlin, Vermont’s new leader in the State Senate, sounds “more like a preacher” when he talks about global warming. Indeed, after hearing Jim Douglas’ inaugural address to the legislature, Shumlin exclaimed, “it sounded like he’s adopted our religion (italics added). Let’s hope he comes to services.”

Now that “Senator Shumlim” is “Governor Shumlin”, the “services” are in full session.  In the latest True North update there is a video of a Druid Priest “blessing” the Vermont legislature’s work on climate change.

Where is the separation of Church and state when you need it?