The IRS faces a lawsuit from 41 conservative groups

by Robert Maynard

A coalition of 41 different conservative organizations,  included Tea Party groups and a Pro-Life group, is suing the IRS for targeting them.  The following excerpt if from a Life News article:

The American Center for Law and Justice today filed an amended lawsuit in federal court adding an additional 16 Tea Party and conservative organizations, including a pro-life group, to its lawsuit against the IRS.

The IRS has been found to be targeting pro-life and conservative groups because of their positions and, most recently, a tape was released showing a disturbing phone call the Internal Revenue Service placed to a non-profit organization telling it to keep its Christian faith and views on abortion to itself.

On May 29, 2013, the ACLJ filed the initial lawsuit on behalf of 25 organizations arguing top Obama Administration officials – including those at the Internal Revenue Service – violated the constitutional rights of the groups by secretly targeting these organizations because of their political beliefs.