“The Liberty Messenger” Captivates Vermonters With the Principles Taught by Frederick Douglass

by Robert Maynard

“The son of Colonel (retired) Earnest C. and Bessie Smith, Sr., KCarl is a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, was reared in Huntsville, Alabama. He is graduate of Alabama A&M University and makes his home in Trussville, Alabama. KCarl is the proud father of three children and five grandchildren.”  Inspired by the guiding principles of the Founding Fathers and holding fast to the oath taken during his service to our country, he launched The ConservativeMESSENGER™ in 2009, which he has since renamed The Liberty Messenger.  Here is how he described they way that the basic principles taught by Frederick Douglass resonated with him personally: “I respect life, the Constitution, limited government, and personal responsibility.”   KCarl Smith, brought his “Liberty Messenger” program to Vermonters on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  This particular project uses the personal life story of, and principles taught by, escaped slave and Abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass.  Upon discovering that Frederick Douglass was a founding father of the Republican Party, Smith, a life long Democrat, had to rethink his party affiliation.  He launched the “Frederick Douglass Republicans” because he does not believe that the GOP of today is as committed to the principles of the party that Frederick Douglass was a key in givng birth to.

KCarl is convinced that the dependency created by the welfare state is the main challenge to liberty that we face in our day and age.  The threat to liberty that Frederick Douglass faced in the form of slavery was more obvious, but his life story and the principles he taught are still relevant to the struggle for liberty that we face today.  That is why he is teaching what he calls the “Frederick Douglass Methodology” to those who seek to promote the blessings of liberty and prosperity.  The historical principles championed by the early abolitionists like Douglass and the Republican Party they helped give birth to are the key to reaching out across racial, gender, class, etc., barriers and elevating people  out of poverty and despair into prosperity and hope.  Instead of dividing us along these lines and pitting one group of Americans against another, his conviction is that these principles can bring us together in a much needed healing of our nation.

KCarl addressed a crowd in the Essex Grange Saturday night after they watched the movie “The Runaway Slave”, which he appeared in:

He then signed books that he wrote about the “Frederick Douglass Methodology” for people who bought them.

On Sunday he came to the Waterbury Vermont Country Club and taught a session on communicating the message of liberty using the aforementioned methodology.  Once again he was enthusiastically received and sold his books after the event.  He ended his tour of Vermont with appearing as a guest on the Ethan Allen Institute’s “Common Sense Radio” on Monday morning at 11:00.  Numerous people who attended these events and heard him speak expressed an interest in having him come back here to Vermont to present his message again.  He expressed an interest in such a possibility as well, so those who missed out on the first trip stay tuned.

3 thoughts on ““The Liberty Messenger” Captivates Vermonters With the Principles Taught by Frederick Douglass

  1. As Director of Educational Outreach for the Frederick Douglass Republican Movement, I greatly appreciate the warm and enthusiastic reception we received from my fellow Vermonters! Our message is a bridge between all Americans.

  2. I had the honor of transporting KCarl and his brother Karnie to various venues this weekend. Vermont was their first Northeast engagement! We had great conversations and I learned a lot from them. It was a great weekend! I wish they could have stayed longer. I hope they will return again this summer. It would be nice for them to see the Green Mountains when they are actually green (and not white)

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