The Political Class Knows Best

We have come a long way from “Father Knows Best”.  That was the name of a show about family life in the American midwest that ran from 1949 to 1954.  Those days are gone, today its “The Political Class Knows Best”.  By political class I am referring to both politicians and government bureaucrats.  This mentality was illustrated once again in a quote from Rep. Mark Larson in a True North Daily update by Rob Roper.  Here is the relevant quote:

“Maybe I should go back,” Larson continues. “If you believe that free market competition and market forces are going to reform our health care system (laughter), you would go for a … model where you just let anybody in at whatever price they want to price  at… If you think that creating a more unified system for getting our health care costs down and providing access to everyone than what we’re trying to do is use the exchange to start bringing pieces together.”

Notice the derisive dismissal of the notion that “free market competition and market forces are going to reform our health care system“.   Let’s take a closer look at this comment.  Free market competition and market forces is just another name for free individuals interacting with one another and making decisions with the minimum of government interference.  If the notion that free individuals interacting with one another and exercising their own judgement in dealing with the health care problems we face is so laughable, what is the alternative?

The only alternative is to create a government bureaucracy filled we people who will make those decisions for us.  Why on earth would anybody in their right mind think that such an approach would work better?  As Rob Roper points out in the article referenced above, we have been going down that path and it is part of what got us in this mess to begin with.  Again, what makes our political class think that going yet further down this path is going to make things better?  It appears that they have been afflicted by the “Fatal Conceit” that “The Political Class Knows Best”.