The Possibility of an Expedited Review Even More Reason to Wait on Obamacare

“It’s a safe bet the U.S. Supreme Court will settle the debate among the federal courts over whether Obamacare is constitutional. The state of Virginia has asked for expedited review— skipping the appeals courts and taking it directly to the top.”

Based on this assumption, a recent Forbes Magazine article has suggested that:

“Once there, the case might not draw the usual 5:4 split for such politically sensitive questions, with Justice Anthony Kennedy casting the deciding vote. The individual insurance mandate at the core of the 2,000-page law will test the faith of Chief Justice John Roberts in the doctrine of judicial restraint, as well as the wisdom of letting representatives who are accountable to the voters devise wide-ranging schemes of economic regulation.”

Whatever the dynamics behind how it will be decided, if the case is expedited, we will have a resolution on this issue sooner than we thought.  As was argued in a blog entry earlier, we should not waste any more of our time and resources implementing Obamacare until the issue of its constitutionality is resolved.

One thought on “The Possibility of an Expedited Review Even More Reason to Wait on Obamacare

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if Vermont joined in to stand for our Constitutional freedoms and allow everyone to chose their own health care from any where they can get it at the price they can afford to pay? We do not need our government telling us who can have insurance and who can’t and when we can be sick, etc. It is time we the people stand up our rights and not back down or get bought out.

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