The real reason Vermont’s on the road to single payer – union greed.

by Rob Roper

The ostensible reasons behind the push for a government take-over of Vermont’s healthcare industry are high-minded. “Healthcare for all!” “Healthcare is a Human Right!” Etc. But the real reason the SEIU is pouring $13,000 more dollars into Vermont Leads, a local shell organization fronting for the out-of-state union, is a little less idealistic. Peter Hirschfeld reports for the Vermont Press Bureau that, “Some view the SEIU’s interest in single-payer as a ploy to win the political clout it will need to pass a labor bill next year that would allow it to enlist more than 5,000 home-care workers in Vermont.”

There you have it. We’re going to uproot out entire healthcare system, double the size of our state budget, enact the largest tax increase in state history, and live with all the unintended consequences… all so a bunch of thugs can extract dues from 5,000 of our friends and neighbors.

Who are these folks who want to buy their way into our healthcare system? The same folks who are now being sued in New Jersey under the “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act through the use of threats, sabotage, and intimidation in a “shake-down” to coerce the companies to accept union demands.” ( We got a little taste of these tactics when Vermont Leads picketed the home of a 74 year old Vermont citizen to deliver the message, “…that an agenda of derail single payer… will not be tolerated.”

According to Hirschfeld’s article, the SEIU is adding $13,000 to the $100,000 they have already spent in Vermont. The new money is going to directly support Democrat candidates, including Governor Peter Shumlin, Lt. Governor candidate Cass Gekas, Treasurer candidate Beth Pearce, Auditor candidate Doug Hoffer, along with five Democrat state senate candidates and fourteen Democrat house candidates.

Question for Vermonters: if SEIU workers succeed in shouldering their way into the labor portion of administering a government monopoly program, do you really think it’s going to lower the cost of healthcare for anybody? This single payer healthcare push is about political power and union greed. One thing it’s not about is the people who actually live in this state.


2 thoughts on “The real reason Vermont’s on the road to single payer – union greed.

  1. An extraordinary and seemingly highly crredible report that needs to see the light of day beyond just the good offices of True North.

  2. It has been obvious for several years a that the well organized Left – including the revolting SEIU – has been making a major investment in the Vermont single payer experiment. While the some of the idealistic “human right to health care” advocates are dreaming about their utopia, SEIU and others see GMC as a major source of jobs, control, and union power. If we don’t wake up, they’ll feast on our carcass.

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