The Second Amendment: On Protecting Firearms or Something More?

by Jeff Kaufman, M.D.

Three proposed City Charter changes, those dealing with firearms, butt heads with the 2nd Amendment, which protects the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Of all 27 amendments, this right is comes in as number 2 !

The 1st Amendment protects specific FREEDOMS, freedoms not spelled out in the Constitution,

but, felt to be critically important by the framers and placed before all others.

These are the Freedoms of Religion, of the Press, of Assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The 2nd Amendment helps ENSURE and PRESERVE those freedoms.

Some people misunderstand the 2nd Amendment, thinking it was intended to protect the rights of hunters and the right to defend one’s self, family and home against deadly threat.

While the 2nd Amendment does protect our right to keep and use firearms for these purposes, the framers placed the 2nd Amendment in the # 2 position for a more important reason.

After specifying our freedoms, they knew that Keeping and Bearing firearms was Necessary not only then, but forever. Because the 2nd Amendment is the inalienable right necessary to protect against TYRANNY.

We remember recent tragedies. We all want to prevent harm to our children, to our citizenry.

We may all want to “Do Something” when we hear about injury to others. However, from physicians back to Hippocrates, we learn “First Do No Harm”.

There is no empiric evidence, whatsoever, that the measures this City Council seeks to emplace will reduce, by even one, a life or a single injury. From its initial overreaching proposals, the Council is operating strictly on speculation and conjecture. However, by definition, these measures WILL RESTRICT the inalienable right of each and every person living in Burlington who chooses to use a firearm in defense of their lives and those of their family. These acts will similarly restrict the rights of every person who travels through or comes to Burlington to visit. Thousands of acts of restricted rights on a daily basis without ONE SINGLE shred of PROOF that any firearm related injury or death will be prevented.

The City Council would “First Do Much Harm” !

What may have begun as well meaning, is instead fear based and emotion driven, a reflex reaction devoid of any real objective expectation of benefit. The loss, however, is worse.

This City Council has entered into the realm of the tyrant.

5 thoughts on “The Second Amendment: On Protecting Firearms or Something More?

  1. I agree with all of this. I am a gun owner, and even an AR-15 owner. My AR is chambered in a round sufficient to humanely take a deer, and it is my hunting rifle. But to play the devils advocate, did our forefathers take into mind high capacity magazines? In those days there were no assault rifles and mass shootings at children’s schools.
    Do we need these types of weapons? (Quite possibly yes, if we are to defend our country against a tyrannical government who are much more well armed than us). I don’t like when my rights are infringed upon, but I’m asking where do we draw the line. Should civilians be able to own rocket launchers?
    I don’t want to give up my guns but I’m also interested in a healthy and stable society.
    I realize that it is not all black and white, and I’m interested and conflicted by this debate.

  2. Is Burlington still a city in Vermont? Have the members of the city council taken a oath to protect and defend the Constitution of Vermont as well as the U.S.?
    It appears they have not read Article 16th of the Vermont Constitution which applies to all citizens of Vermont, not a selected few.
    The 16th Article reads in part; “That the people have a right to bear arms for the defense of themselves and the State—-“
    By what authority is it that gives them, the council members, the right override the constitutional rights guaranteed by the Vermont State Constitution?

    If they proceed any further the Sheriff must be called to jail those who swore trust for their obvious defiance of the rule of law.

    Further should the Sheriff fail to uphold his oath then a Common Law Grand Jury must be established. The CLGJ is perfectly legal. This is Jury that is outside of the Judicial System. See the 1992 decision written by U.S. Justice Scalia, U.S. v Williams.

    REGISTER WITH THE “NATIONAL REGISTRY” at to become a common law Jurist. We are
    establishing Common Law Grand Juries in all 3141 counties in the United States of America. By doing this the people will move our
    courts back to “Courts of Justice” and take 100% control of their government. Watch the video “ Power of the Grand Jury”
    THE DUTY OF THE “COMMON LAW GRAND JURY” is to right any wrong. If anyone’s unalienable rights have been violated, or
    removed, without a legal sentence of their peers the Grand Jury can restore them. And if a dispute shall arise concerning this matter
    it shall be settled according to the judgment of the Grand Jurors, the sureties of the peace.
    IN A US SUPREME COURT STUNNING 6 TO 3 DECISION JUSTICE ANTONIN SCALIA, writing for the majority, confirmed that the
    American grand jury is neither part of the judicial, executive nor legislative branches of government, but instead belongs to the
    people. It is in effect a fourth branch of government “governed” and administered to directly by and on behalf of the American
    people, and its authority emanates from the Bill of Rights and has the power to enforce law and remove people from office.
    Q: Once I register what happens next?
    A: If you want to be an active full time or part time Grand Jurist notify one of your county coordinators and they will assist
    you, you can find them listed under county coordinator at, otherwise your name will go
    into the jury pool and you will receive a phone call occasionally to participate as a trial or grand jurist.
    Q: Do I have to serve when I get the call?
    A: No, if you cannot participate at the time we will recycle your name, no questions asked.
    Q: When I am called how long will I be needed for?
    A: Usually 1-3 days, you will be given that information and the dates in order to decide if you can participate
    Q: Do I get paid?
    A: No, but you will receive $30 a day for expenses.
    Q: What do I do now?
    A: Go to – and Register. After you register you will be taken to an “Orientation Page and you will be instructed further, please read that page carefully.

    • Thanks to JStuart, Shoshana and Stewart Skrill for their kind words.

      As per Stewart’s suggestion, I encourage Burlington residents to take seriously the Oath of Office our City Councilors each affirmed, holding them to their word and notifying them in writing of what seems a material violation of this oath (ie. the pertinent proposed firearms legislation).

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