The State: We can’t afford to pay, but you can!

Rob Roper

Rob Roper

The funding mechanism for the Paid Family Leave bill (H. 196) is a 0.93% payroll tax, which would raise about $80 million. The original language of the bill had this tax shared equally between employers and employees. That was until someone remembered that the state and public schools are employers.

The Joint Fiscal Office estimated that if H.196 passed in its original form it would cost the state treasury $2.7 million a year to cover state workers, and school budgets would have to come up with $4.4 million. Nope can’t afford that from the roughly $5.5 billion dollars we spend through the. Much too painful for government to absorb that kind of cost!

Our politicians’ solution: Make the employees pay for all of it!

That’s right, government determined that it can’t afford to come up with 0.0013% out of its budget to fund this program, but you the Vermont worker can afford to pay all of it. Because, you know, you’re so flush after paying your income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, fuel taxes, and all the other niggling taxes and fees Montpelier concocts every year to vacuum money out of your wallet.

If ever there were an example of out of touch, insensitive, arrogant government in action, this is it. Get that veto stamp ready, Governor Scott!

– Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute

2 thoughts on “The State: We can’t afford to pay, but you can!

  1. so all women and all men will pay the tax because this is a good program. Now you better know where all taxes go, they all go into general funds and never are used for what the tax Money was for. Are our Gas tax used for roads No, Are our school tax used for schools NO, Is our Medicare tax used for the people NO Are SS TAXES used for the old people that need it NO,Unemployment pays workers in the winter when there is no work Why because state rules put loggers and saw mills out of Business, years ago most people work summers building the interstate system than worked winters logging ,driving log truck,lumber trucks, cutting firewood,Dump trucks took off there bodys and hauled logs and pulp trailers.
    the state of VT will get this tax an hire more regulators( out of state people) to tell us what we ca do

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