Tick, Tick, Tick… Up ticks Vermont’s Unemployment… Again

by Rob Roper

Last month during the campaign, I wrote a piece pointing out that Governor Shumlin’s boast during a debate that under his leadership Vermont had the fifth lowest unemployment rate in the country rang a bit hollow. You see, when Shumlin came into office, Vermont had the fourth lowest unemployment rate in the country. We’d lost ground and he was touting it as some sort of victory.

Days after Shumlin boasted about being fifth, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its September numbers and revealed that Vermont’s unemployment rate had ticked up again (fourth time in four months) to 5.4%, and Vermont had dropped to sixth on the list of states.

Well, now the Bureau of Labor Statistics has released the preliminary October employment figures and, “Guess what?” to quote our governor. Vermont’s unemployment rate looks to be up another tenth of a percent to 5.5% and our state ranking has dropped to EIGHTH.  In the past month, the number of unemployed in Vermont grew from 19,398 to 19,563.

All those new “green” jobs created and all those businesses flocking to the Green Mountain State to take advantage of our visionary single payer healthcare law…. Well, not so much….

Hell of a job, Shummy.