Tilting at Windmills

At a time when Vermont’s business community is expressing concern over the state’s economic viability, our political leadership is tilting at the windmills of “global climate change”.  As True North’s investigative reporter Angela Chagnon points out, our political leaders appear to be obsessed with taking on this Don Quixote like battle as a “central issue”:

Global Climate Change is really a central issue of this administration,” said Secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources Deb Markowitz, one of the featured speakers at the Climate Action Day Rally held at the statehouse Thursday. Markowitz spoke on behalf of Governor Peter Shumlin. She went on to say that she and and the Governor had discussed putting together a “Climate Cabinet” to deal with the so-called climate crisis.

Furthermore, it does not appear that the organizers of this rally have the interest of local Vermont citizens as their primary interest:

About 100 people attended the rally, many of whom were from 350.org, an international environmentalist group. Among the leaflets distributed were the “Vermont Climate Action Bill of Rights”, which states that “A natural and stable climate is a basic human right” and demands “climate justice” by making Vermont a “carbon neutral” state, per the United Nations Environment Program.

The aim is to impose a Climate Action Bill of Rights.  Here is a sampling of what they hope to accomplish:

The proposed bill, called the “Carbon Fee and Dividend Act of 2010“, calls for a “carbon fee of $15 per ton of CO2 on all fossil fuels at the point where they first enter the economy”, with a $10 increase every year “to ensure that fossil fuel energy loses its competitive price advantage with respect to the clean energy technologies we have today…within 10 years of the date of enactment.”

Just what we need, more taxes added to an economy saddled with one of the highest tax burdens in the country.  Are we going to further wreck our economy so that our political leaders can pose as trend setters in a cause with questionable scientific validity?