Tiresome Demented Left Target Brady, Belichick and Super Bowl LI

Alice Dubenetsky
The 2016 presidential election is finally in the rear view mirror.  Donald Trump has settled comfortably into the Oval Office but the enraged crybabies on the left continue to rant and storm about like spoiled toddlers.  Last weekend they threw a fit because a total of 109 individuals — from foreign nations deemed dangerous by the Obama administration —  were temporarily inconvenienced at airports while their identities were verified. Trumps temporary ban on admittance from those counties threw them into a temper tantrum that served to very much inconvenience the thousands of travelers who had to put up with their screaming and chanting.  
But now they’ve gone too far!  They are targeting one of America’s most sacred cultural events:  The Super Bowl. Specifically, one team: the New England Patriots.   Unless you’ve been in a media-free zone, you know that the New England Patriots will face off against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, and you know may also know that Quarterback Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick both have a warm relationship with President Donald Trump. They have both known the President for many years, and Brady has played “many” games of golf with him.  When a Make America Great Again hat was spotted in his locker by the press last year there was a virtual meltdown on the sports networks. How dare he support Trump?  The left wing sports broadcasters, which seems to describe most sports broadcasters these days, were scandalized and furious. 
But things really heated up when, at a rally just before the election, Trump read aloud a supportive letter from Belichick which read: 
“Congratulations on a tremendous campaign. You have dealt with an unbelievable, slanted and negative media and have come out beautifully. You’ve proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter. Your leadership is amazing. I have always had tremendous respect for you, but the toughness and perseverance you have displayed over the past year is remarkable. Hopefully tomorrow’s election results will give the opportunity to make America great again.”
Uh oh, guys.  You big, bad football types are now finding out what it’s like to be stung to death by angry bees.   Nancy Armour of USA Today lashed out; “Tom
Brady no longer gets a pass on his friendship with Donald Trump”.   This woman’s rage is boundless, you can almost see her ruffled fur and stiff-legged stance as she hisses that Trumps campaign was steeped in racism, bigotry and misogyny.  She goes on to praise (yes, that’s the word) the boldly UnAmerican Colin Kaepernick.  
Belichick responded to his critics on; “I’ve received a number of inquiries relative to a note I wrote to Donald on Monday. Our friendship goes back many years. And I think anybody that spends more than five minutes with me knows I’m not a political person. My comments are not politically motivated. It’s friendship and loyalty to Donald.”  He has since refused to address the issue further with the press.
A weekend of protests are planned in Houston leading up to the actual game, with activist of all stripes, although some seem a little confused about why they will be there.  Black Lives Matter organizer Ashton Woods was a little vague; “We’re protesting several things.  We protesting obviously Donald Trump but also the city of Houston and their treatment of the homeless community.”  Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is ready for them all.
Simply put, the American left has gone crazy and they are showing who they really are in the most hideous ways in recent weeks, including personal attacks on a football player and coach for supporting the man who won the Presidency.  To add to the potential for drama, Lady GaGa is scheduled to perform during Sunday’s half-time show and rumors are swirling that she has been told not to make ANY political statements.  The NFL denies it, but since the woman is an ardent leftist and Hillary supporter, and has been known to fly off the hook (to put it mildly), there is reason to be uneasy that she will make a move to ruin the mood, and the game, for the millions of Americans who only want to watch a football game, eat wings and pizza and enjoy the company of friends.  
Thanks, crazy lefties, for inserting your nastiness into a great American event, and putting us all on edge once again. Really, it’s time you quit whining and storming about and stopped trying to destroy those who don’t fall in line with your progressive thinking.  Your friends and neighbors are getting very tired of you.  You might consider that what Obama and Hillary didn’t accomplish in destroying the Democrat party, you are finishing up rather nicely.  

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  1. Alice, one must recognize that Belichick and the Dems have a fundamental similarity: win at all costs, the end justifies the means, ethics and fair play be dammed, plus he has a very talented bunch of players which the Dems do not.

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