True North looking for conservative programming supporters

by Alexander Darr

Dear TNR Subscriber,

As a conservative and a Vermonter, you are concerned about what Montpelier has done this year, and plans to do in next years session. The Vermont Healthcare Exchange has cost us $170 million, in order to ensure that 42,000 people who don’t have health insurance get it. In what kind of a world does that make sense? Answer: in a world where a majority of Vermonters will never know that. So many Vermonters are oblivious to the waste of our tax dollars in Montpelier.

True North Reports is trying to do something that will help change that, but we need your help. This is something you can do that doesn’t cost anything except some of your time.

All across Vermont, we want to make conservative programming available on public access stations. Anyone who lives in one of the regions where there is a public access stations can request a program to be broadcast in their region.

For example, the Ethan Allen Institute has a new documentary out called “Turning Blue”. It looks at how Vermont changed from being a solidly conservative state, to electing its first Democrat governor in a hundred years in 1963. The video helps explain Vermont’s transition from red to blue, and points to how Vermont is being used to push for single payer healthcare on a national level. As we were the petri dish for civil unions, there is a push to make single payer healthcare work here, and then spread it to other states.

There is something new that makes it even easier for us to promote conservative broadcasting (Is that even a ‘thing’ anymore?). Nearly all of the public access stations are part of the VMX, which is an online video exchange where public access stations around the state can pull down shows that are broadcasting in another station. Before, I had to make 12 video tapes or DVD copies of the show, and then mail them to each station. Imagine how much easier it is today! So, someone in Colchester can put up the Turning Blue documentary (which has been done), and someone in Barre can have it play in his local public access station. All they have to do is request it. We are looking for people to partner with us and make this happen.

We want to put up interesting and engaging shows, and reach a larger audience. The Turning Blue documentary is also up on YouTube, but how many people have heard of it? We can reach more people by putting the truth out there in more mediums.

Let us know if you have some suggestions for shows, too. Many documentary filmmakers would be glad to put their thoughts into the public square, and give their permission.

If you want to partner with us in this way, give me a call or email me.

Alex Darr