Trump Wows America, Democrats Pout

Alice Dubenetsky

Let’s all take a minute to enjoy the afterglow of President Trumps address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night.  For many Americans it was the first time in a decade that we’ve heard our President actually talk to and for us from the podium.  After years of Obama’s soaring rhetoric and rousing speeches that resulted in either no action or action contrary to the interests of American citizens, we finally have a president who puts us first.

In a word, it was refreshing.  

In his opening remarks, President Trump cited a new chapter in American greatness, a surge in optimism and the renewal of the American spirit.  It was pure ear candy to Republicans and Independents who have watched the denigration and suppression of that American spirit for the past eight years. He said he would not allow the mistakes of decades past to define our future, and he talked a bit about the “rebellion” that propelled him to the Presidency.  And it all was really, really good to hear.

He set the record straight about his achievements since entering the Oval Office, naming corporations who have announced major investments in the U.S., he referred to the staggering gains in the stock market, the future savings on military equipment including the F-35 fighter jet which will soon make its debut at the Vermont Air National Guard base in South Burlington. He’s undertaken efforts to “massively reduce job-crushing regulation”, cleared the way for the Dakota pipeline and has withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific partnership. And of course, as a red meat offering to his base, he said construction of the border wall will begin ahead of schedule. 

Earlier in the week, in an interview on ABC’s This Week,  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sniped that the President had achieved nothing since taking office, complaining with a straight face that he had not even presented a “jobs bill”.  She repeated the accusation four times in one verbal paragraph.  What the Leader doesn’t understand is that he never will  present a “jobs bill” because if he can achieve his goals, with or without Democrat support, he will create more jobs than any money wasting “jobs bill” ever has or could.  In that interview, Pelosi pretty much summed up why the Democrats are loosing badly across the political spectrum and why her leadership is old, out of touch and diminishing her own party.  Watching her face during the President Trump’s address, and as he listed his achievements and future plans was priceless. Someone must have served her some very sour lemons.

Even the oppositional media had to acknowledge that Trump’s speech deserved positive reviews.  A CNN survey shows that 57 percent of people had a “very positive” reaction to the speech.  Seven in ten people thought Trump’s policies will move the country in the right direction.  In a survey of just Democrats, a CBS poll shows 40 percent of Democrats approved at least “somewhat”.  Eighteen percent approved strongly, and a stunning 54 percent of Democrats thought the President’s speech was presidential.  After all the staged video of crazed Democrats disrupting Town Halls across the nation with uncivil childishness, who would have guessed?

It is unfortunate that Congressional Democrats chose to behave like pouty children during the address, most of whom refused to stand or clap throughout the evening.  A number of women chose to wear white in a show of solidarity with feminism… or something… but apparently not with adulthood. Two of the women giggled together like middle schoolers as they gave thumbs down gestures. Hopefully they’ve seen the video by now and realized what indecorous fools there were.  

The Democrat side of the aisle showed their true lack of respect for America when a majority refused to stand during a sustained applause for the wife of Navy Seal William Ryan Owens, the first American to die in combat since Trump took office. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was among the sullen, disrespectful Democrats who will forever be remembered for this disgraceful behavior.

Conversely, something extraordinary happened on CNN during those moments when CNN commentator Van Jones, a former Obama “czar”, a Communist and a vociferous critic of the President said:  “He became President of the United States in that moment, period. That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics.”

It’s a strange world indeed when a Trump supporter agrees with Van Jones, but perhaps this is a new awakening for the American left-leaning media, and CNN will finally start reporting fairly and accurately on the Trump administration.  Nah.  But it was still a good moment in a great evening for those of us who want to Make America Great Again.

4 thoughts on “Trump Wows America, Democrats Pout

  1. Pelosi is Pelosi and to be pitied. She’s a buffoon and totally out of touch. How she keeps her job much less gets elected in the first place is beyond me. If Pelosi is the best of the best in the House, no wonder the Dems are in serious trouble.

  2. Alice,

    A very well written summary.

    Trump has had his ups and downs in his business life, but managed to become a multi billionaire. His children are similarly gifted.

    The Democrats, after one government program after another, nearly doubling the national debt in the past eight years ought to be ashamed of themselves and their poor display of governance that yielded so little economic growth

  3. Thanks for writing about this, Alice. Count me as one of the folks who was to say the least skeptical about Trump. Although there are still things I don’t like about him, I gotta say – he is plain-spoken and he seems to have his finger on the problems that the rest of the candidates just….missed. Or didn’t think anyone could do anything about so they just dodged it. (Both parties guilty of this.) But he said I’m gonna do something about immigration, the hopelessness for poor people of color in our cities, the hemorrhage of jobs for working class Americans living between the coasts, and our truly broken foreign policy…..and he is trying to do it. He’s really trying. He also seemed to see before anyone else the backlash in Europe against immigration patterns that aren’t working out too well. Will he be able to follow through on solving these big problems? I don’t know. For the country’s sake I hope so.

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