Unions stick together to stick it to taxpayers

by Rob Roper

Union members, activists and Democrat and Progressive legislators filled the State House steps today to stand in solidarity with fellow union members in Madison, Wisconsin. They are protesting the potential loss of collective bargaining rights that Wisconsin Governor Matt Walker claims are a hindrance to balancing the state’s budget.

There was a common theme to the speaker’s message: fix state budgets by raising taxes.

Look for more in depth coverage of the rally in tomorrow’s edition of True North Reports

It is worth noting in this supposed new era of civility that the protestors were quick to use some pretty divisive language and, by the new standards, calls for violence (unless Rep. Susan Hatch Davis’ (P-Orange 1) expressed desire for workers to take up pitch forks was for some farming exercise). Let’s see if the same members of Vermont’s media who jumped down John McClaughry’s throat for a joke he made will express equal outrage at Davis’ comments.

Here are a couple of the signs carried by protesters in Wisconsin that their Vermont brethren are apparently in solidarity with…

Note the crosshairs over Governor Walkers face.