UPDATE: VT House Passes “Kill Bill”

from VT Right To Life

Last night, the Vermont House voted 75-65 to concur with the Senate version of S.77, doctor-prescribed suicide. While we were able to change some votes, it unfortunately was not enough. The bill now heads to the Governor for his signature.

The Speaker of the House delayed action on the bill to accommodate pro-assisted suicide proponent Rep. Ann Pugh, who didn’t arrive at the State House until late afternoon, forcing the debate into the evening, even though the House stood in recess most of the day with nothing to do.

Please thank all the members of the House who voted no. You can see the roll call here starting on page 61.

Special thanks go to Legislators who worked hard on strategy, floor debate, and amendments, including Rep. Anne Donahue, R-Northfield; Rep. Paul Poirier, I-Barre City; Rep. Carolyn Branagan, R- Georgia; Rep. Duncan Kilmartin, R-Newport City; Rep. Tom Koch, R-Barre Town; Rep. Lynn Batchelor, R-Derby, Rep. Bob Bouchard, R-Colchester to name a few.

In the end, despite our best efforts, we couldn’t overcome the power of the Democrat super majority and the flood of out-of-state money and resources that poured in to push this bill – even a poorly crafted, bad bill – through the Vermont Legislature.

Thanks to you for all your efforts – phone calls, visits to the State House, prayer support. Without them, the bill would have passed by wide margins, as was generally expected. Instead, a strong message of opposition was sent, and on the final vote, proponents barely mustered a majority.

We will be gathering information about contacting the Governor to ask him to veto the bill, which is radically different than what was originally proposed, and even more dangerous. He will need to hear from everyone opposed to the bill.

Our efforts have kept this bill at bay since 1997. While we cannot always be successful, we must always remain faithful.