Vermont ALCU director speaks in Bennington

This article by Derek Carson originally appeared Feb. 22 in the Bennington Banner.

BENNINGTON — The American Civil Liberties Union is active in every state in the U.S., and Vermont is no exception. On Wednesday evening Vermont ACLU Executive Director James Lyall stopped by the Bennington Free Library to talk about some of the initiatives the group is involved with throughout the state.

Lyall became the state’s 12th ACLU director when he took the reins from Allen Gilbert in 2016. He started his career advocating for immigrant children who were facing deportation in California, then from 2011 to 2016 he was a staff attorney for the ACLU of Arizona. While in Arizona he was part of the opening of the first ACLU satellite office in Tucson, in order to investigate and litigate civil rights issues related to the U.S.-Mexico border.

“(I came) to Arizona at the height of Sheriff (Joe) Arpaio’s reign. SB 1070, the ‘Show Me Your Papers,’ law had just been passed, which was at the time the first and worst anti-immigrant state law in the nation,” he said Wednesday night. “I saw firsthand what the ACLU could do. We beat Sheriff Arpaio, we got an injunction against his office and we drove him out of office. We succeeded in passing multiple local ordinances that really softened the blow of SB 1070, including in Tucson one of the best sanctuary city policies in the country. We did that through strategic litigation, policy advocacy, education, and community organizing, and saw what the ACLU can do when it brings all of those together and when we mobilize the community in support of an initiative.”

Lyall said that what he described as the Trump administration’s attack on immigrants nationally has also played out in Vermont. He said that his organization works with Migrant Justice, who “have gotten a number of groundbreaking laws passed in the state, including drivers licenses for immigrants, including the sanctuary policy that is still being refined as we speak, which is good policy and is about to be statewide, binding law on all law enforcement agencies. That’s been the work we’ve done with Migrant Justice as partners.”

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9 thoughts on “Vermont ALCU director speaks in Bennington

  1. If the ACLU really cares about individual liberty and non-discrimination then why aren’t they fighting for families to have some input on where our children attend school?

  2. Love these ACLU guys. holier than thou. Look at their track record.

    In 1971 Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in Montgomery AL via his various bogus lawsuits eventually migrated with the ACLU. Here’s a web page wherein the FBI cut ties with both by Judical Watch “Corruption Chronicles”:

    Morris Dees via many news accounts made money against “hate groups”. He turned out to be corrupt himself, very money oriented, an opportunist. He was on many Morning Shows on the alphabet network works. I remember him well, constant guest. Google search, Dees history is interesting. A good ole southern boy who became a greedy lawyer.

    The ACLU as is / was Dees is a very Liberal opportunist organization, for the most part against the Constitution, and Bill Of Rights who’s aspirations are against reasonable laws. Hence this article wanting illegals in this country circumventing the immigration procedures by which our grand parents had to undertake.

    If a graduated “attorney” or “educated” liberal activist can’t get work (don’t have the drive) then join the ACLU or SPLC organizations funded by Soros, so they have some income to blindly harass and spew out their liberal-anti legal crapology.

    Why do people go to the meetings and listen to the bullcrap? In that winter’s meeting did they need a warm place to go—off the street? I’ve heard about people that commit a crime, go to jail to keep warm for the winter. But, in VT this isn’t surprising.

    As far as it appears, this is a continuing brain washing by the Soros liberals. Hope people get informed and wake up!

    I can only hope this guy (and associates) are confronted by the MS-13 gangs (or other). They will melt, become wimpy and whisper (throat fearful restricted) for help of legal guns owners.

    Hope the links are included. Have fun being educated as to who is in VT dumbing down already idiots.

    My two cents, have a great day.

  3. How can you explain why people like Lyall are allowed to walk & talk among us? This guy has NO concept about reality. Lyall apparently doesn’t have to financially support illegals and is protected from violence committed by illegals. The ACLU does more harm than illegals.

    Sheriff Joe was the best, upholding the law. Lyall dooesn’t recognize the laws. Hope Trump has a place for Arpaio like Homeland Security wherein he can protect this country and Lyall, ref MS-13 gangs.

    I believe Lyall has been sucking the liberal teat too long.

  4. Overturning another 9th Circus decision, the Supreme Court just ruled that ‘Immigrants detained longer than six months are not entitled to bond hearings’. Now that all these minor impediments issued by far-left courts are gone we can expedite deportations.
    This is going to be a great year (unless you’re a ‘Migrant Justice’ illegal labor placement center).

  5. These are the same idiots who believe we’re going to lay down and comply with any new anti-Second Amendment legislation they try to impose on us. Funny.

    No ‘sanctuary policy’ is binding on an elected Sheriff. A Sheriff is elected and works for the voters of the county; if they are opposed to a sanctuary policy, he can ignore it.

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