Vermont Connect “papering” over its IT problems

by Robert Maynard

By now many of us are aware that the roll out of the exchanges in Vermont have met with technical difficulty where the IT infrastructure is concerned.  Now its looks like there is an attempt to “paper” over these problems by sending out paper applications to those who could not sign up electronically.  Unfortunately, those paper applications have problems of their own.  Vermont Digger has covered this issue in an article entitled “STATE RESORTS TO PAPER FORMS FOR HEALTH EXCHANGE, BUT THEY’RE INCOMPLETE.”  Here is an excerpt:

When Vermonters had trouble accessing the state’s new online health insurance market last week, the Department of Vermont Health Access sent insurance brokers and in-person helpers — called navigators — paper applications.

The problem for brokers, navigators, employers and employees is that the forms are incomplete. The applications do not contain essential information fields for enrolling employees and for employers who want to contribute to their workers’ health insurance.

More evidence that this program is not ready for prime time.