Vermont Fails U.S. History Standards

A 2011 Fordham Institute study entitled “THE STATE of STATE U.S. HISTORY STANDARDS 2011”  has awarded Vermont an F in U.S. history standards.  Here is their overview:

“Vermont’s Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities, U.S. history Vermont’s history standards mention (in passing) that American history happened, and direct students to analyze it. Beyond that, they provide nothing but conceptual generalizations and theoretical abstractions, all concealed within a jargon-ridden maze of strands, grade expectations, thematic headings, and sub-headings.”

As for particular scores, Vermont received a 1 out of a possible 10.  For Content and Rigor, Vermont received a 1 out of a possible 7.  For Clarity and Specificity, the score was a 0 out of a possible three.  Vermont was one of 18 states that were awarded an F.  Given that Vermont ranks among the highest in the nation when it comes to educational spending per student, these results should raise the question of just what is it that we are paying for.