Vermont Health Coop possibly undermined by the state’s drive toward single payer

By Robert Maynard

In a recent Vermont Public Radio news article, Bob Kinzel posses the following question: “Was Vt. Health COOP Undermined By Push For Single Payer?”  Many of True North readers know that story of how the Vermont Health Coop’s failure to to win state approval in time to sell its policies on the exchange was partly responsible for The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services cutting off all funding. CMS made the argument that the Coop’s business model now faced “insurmountable obstacles.”  An interview with COOP CEO Christine Oliver reveals that the state’s drive towards singe payer was part of the problem:

In its letter to cut off funding, CMS said the COOP’s lifespan could be very short if Vermont implements a single payer system in 2017. As a result, Oliver says her group faced obstacles not present in other states.

“The impact that single payer might play on that is what led from my reading of CMS’s letter to their decision that the timetable seemed different that it would be for say other COOPs,” said Oliver.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

2 thoughts on “Vermont Health Coop possibly undermined by the state’s drive toward single payer

  1. There you have it, crony capitalism, Vermont style. Democrats are the 1% in the New World Order. The y have bills to pay, too, most always with other people’s money!

  2. The COOP organizers knew all along that health insurance in Vermont would come to an end in a mere 3 years after the Exchange opened up. Why go to all that trouble to launch the COOP with a three year life span?
    a) There was Obamacare money for the taking
    b) the COOP could very profitably employ its chairman’s network of brokers for three years
    c) the COOP might be able to cut a political deal to snatch the Green Mountain Care administration contract away from BCBSVT in 2017.

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