Vermont Mayors Join in National Rush for Gun Control

In another sign that the challenge to Vermonters gun rights is just beginning, some of the state’s mayors are joining a national coalition to push for more gun control.  See story here:

Common ground on firearms background-checks might more effectively steer emerging national gun control laws than proposed weapons bans, three Vermont mayors said Monday.

Mayors Miro Weinberger of Burlington and John Hollar of Montpelier re-stated their opposition to civilian possession of the military-style rifles at a news conference at the Burlington Police Department.

But, with Barre Mayor ThomLauzon (who does not favor such a ban), they pledged to work in concert with mayors nationwide to close loopholes in background checks for the purchase of all firearms.

They are joining this national push for gun control even though they acknowledge that Vermont really does not have much of a problem with gun violence:

The three mayors said they have joined the bipartisan, national nonprofit Mayors Against Illegal Guns to press for federal reforms.

The mayors agreed on another point: that grassroots support for Vermont’s gun ownership laws — among the nation’s most lenient — will likely thwart any quick efforts at increased regulation in the Green Mountain State.

Vermont, rife with hunters and sports-shooters, boasts relatively low per-capita firearms deaths.

So, if Vermont really does not have a gun violence problem, why join in a national coalition to restrict gun ownership?  Apparently the idea is to “send a message”: “The coalescence of Vermont’s urban leaders on tighter gun regulation, even without agreeing on the value of an assault-rifle ban, will send a message beyond the state’s borders, Lauzon added.”  Is sending a message by taking action that is no proven track record of working, on a problem that Vermont does not have, worth trampling on the constitutional rights of Vermonters?  In the minds of a growing number of Vermont’s politicians, it would appear that the answer to that question is affirmative.

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