Vermont Should be an RE world Leader?

by Willem Post

Do we need Efficiency Vermont to tell us about CFLs, etc., at $45 million per year? Vermonters need EV like another hole in the head.

Let people for once decide what they want to do, instead of having some bureaucrat in Montpelier think up another program to “help” us, while he ensures himself job security until retirement. Good Lord, when will this expensive, low-productivity farce end?

Vermont has BY FAR the lowest CO2 per capita, and per $ of Gross State Product, of any state in the US.

World CO2 emissions (in 1,000 million metric tonnes) were:

  • 22.70 in 1990,
  • 29.89 in 2008,
  • 31.63 in 2009,
  • 33.16 in 2010,
  • 33.99 in 2011;

43.20 in 2035, projected based on IEA assumptions.

In 2011, some major CO2 emitters (1,000 million metric ton) were:

  • China 8.9 (2010: 8.3);
  • USA 6.0 (2010: 6.2),
  • India 1.8 (2010: 1.7);
  • Russia 1.67 (2010: 1.7);
  • Japan 1.3 (2010: 1.3).
  • Germany 0.804 (2010: 0.828).
  • Vermont 0.0081; Vermont should be an RE world leader?

World CO2 emissions: 33,990 million metric tonnes in 2011, 830 million metric tonnes greater than in 2010, or 102 times greater than Vermont’s annual total.

Vermont CO2 emissions: 8.1 million metric tonnes in 2011, about 0.024% of the world CO2 emissions;

Klein, Smith, Cheney, Lyons, Shumlin, Dostes, Schnure, Patt, Blittersdorf, Burns, Rubin, Stebbins, the PSB, the VT-DPS, and subsidy-chasing industrial wind turbine developers and vendors, etc., are all holding hands, sticking to their mantras and RE talking points, singing the praises of IWTs on ridge lines, or whatever, as long as it is heavily-subsidized to boost their RE businesses.

Klein & Co.’s, ambition to spend Vermonters’ money for inefficient RE projects and pay for them with regressive heating fuel and electricity taxing schemes on already-struggling households and businesses knows no bounds.

Klein & Co. support the “Vermont Energy Plan” that aims to have 90% of Vermont’s energy generated from renewables by 2050, preferably entirely in Vermont, using “energy independence; not sending money to the Arabs, or out of state; fighting global warming/climate change” as selling points.

Klein & Co. say “Vermont should be an RE world leader”. Really? With Chinese PV solar panels and CFLs, German inverters, Spanish IWTs (Iberdrola), Danish IWTs (Vestas).

The goal of “Vermont should be an RE a World Leader” is not just laughable, but irrational, futile, expensive and uneconomic, as it would be:

  • – raising the prices of goods and services, electricity and heating fuels,
  • – reducing investment and job creation in the non-RE sectors,
  • – lowering household spendable incomes and business revenues and profits,
  • – lowering tax collections.

Willem Post, BSME New Jersey Institute of Technology, MSME Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, MBA, University of Connecticut. P.E. Connecticut. Consulting Engineer and Project Manager. Performed feasibility studies, wrote master plans, evaluated and performed designs for incineration systems, air pollution control systems, utility and industrial power plants, and integrated energy systems for campus-style building complexes. Currently specializing in energy efficiency of buildings and building systems.


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  1. Hard to read, without naming the RE’s the EV’s, the CFL’s ETC.
    Might edit, and add definitions next time.
    Good to bear down on the human caused Global Warming baloney, it is a dangerous attack on freedom, choice and enterprise.

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