Vermont Yankee Fights Back

I remember a comic where a team of super heros was ambushed by a team of super villains.  The whole team was captured except for one hero, who was left for dead in the bottom of a large drainage channel running under the city.  At the end of the comic, the hero left for dead is revealed to be alive and as he staggers back to his feet, he is quoted as saying “OK suckers, you had your best shot, now it is my turn!”.  The green fanatics in Vermont have taken their best best shot, now it looks like Vemront Yankee is getting ready to fight back:

With the federal approval it needed at hand, the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant’s corporate owner now is poised to do battle over the plant’s future with the state of Vermont.

Vermont Yankee spokesman Larry Smith says the company won’t comment on its legal strategy. But Entergy Chairman and CEO J. Wayne Leonard said last month the company strongly believes the plant’s continued operation is a matter of federal jurisdiction.   – Fox 44 News

Stay tuned folks, Vermont may yet hang on to a low cost, high efficiency power source despite the best efforts of a political leadership determined to commit economic suicide.