Vermont Yankee Important to Electric Grid

According to a recent Free Press article:

“Vermont’s electric transmission network could be less reliable without Vermont Yankee, according to a study released this week by ISO-New England, the organization that oversees the regional electric grid.”

Apparently, Vermont is no the only state that would suffer if Vermont Yankee goes:

“Under a variety of scenarios and demand levels, potential thermal overloads and voltage violations were observed in almost every area of Vermont and New Hampshire,” the report said. “These issues exist with or without Vermont Yankee in service, but generally (but not always) tend to be more widespread and severe without Vermont Yankee.

By the year 2020, the Vermont and New Hampshire transmission system will need additional resources, transmission system upgrades or a combination of both to reliably serve the forecasted demand for electricity,” the report said.

How many businesses will want to be located in Vermont with such an unreliable electric grid.  At a time when we should be adding capacity to the electric gris, our political leaders are hell bent on removing one of our most reliable power sources.  What are these people thinking?

One thought on “Vermont Yankee Important to Electric Grid

  1. Liberals are supposed to be champions of the poor and middle class. Shutting down Vermont Yankee will not only make electricity less reliable, it will make electric rates go up, hitting the poor and middle class disproportionately–the equivalent of a regressive tax. I am afraid that Vermont Democrats have become the party of the elites who can afford to have Vt Yankee shut down to satisfy their fixed beliefs about nuclear power. The rest of us cannot afford such a luxury.

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