Vermonters First continues quest to highlight excessive taxation

by Robert Maynard

As TNR pointed out in a May 7th article, Governor Shumlin and other Democratic leaders have been crowing about this past legislative session’s success in balancing the budget with no additional taxes.  Most media outlets have not called the Governor and his Democratic allies on this blatent stretch of the truth.  That has spurred Vermonters First to run TV ads setting the record straight.   Vermonters First Treasure Tayt Brooks made the following statement about the new Vermonters First television ad:

It was clear at the conclusion of the legislative session that Vermont Democrats were trying to downplay the amount and number of taxes that they raised on hard working Vermonters.

The television ad highlights and reminds Vermonters of the record increase on the gas tax and yet another increase on the property tax rate from the Democratic Supermajority. The new cloud computing tax is also mentioned to let Vermonters know of this new tax and that it will only hurt the high tech job creators in our state.

The Vermonters First television ad began running on Tuesday May 28th.  Here is a look at that ad:

2 thoughts on “Vermonters First continues quest to highlight excessive taxation

  1. The effective way to convey the desired message is to follow this presentation with clips of the parasitic politicians saying there are no tax increases. Then a quick repeat of what has been done.

  2. Love the ad pointing out the huge tax increases that this 2013 legislative group of DEMOCRATICS gave us and then tries to cover it up. Guess they believe that most Vermonters are gullible and will fall for these lies that there are not any tax increases, only on “gas”. If this is true, then I’ve got a bridge for sale real cheap, also land, any takers it’s a good deal??? The Governors attorney will negotiate all transaction,

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