Vermonters for Health Care Freedom Launches New Television Message Challenging Single Payer Claims

Press Release

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom has produced a new television message designed to inform Vermonters about extraordinary authority Governor Shumlin’s single payer health care reform has given to government bureaucrats, and challenge the claim that the reforms will guarantee everyone the care they need whenever they need it.

VHCF’s Executive Director Jeff Wennberg explained that “the new message uses humor to illustrate a very serious concern about single payer reforms. When the state outlaws private insurance and creates a government monopoly with power over every aspect of health care financing and delivery, the government will unavoidably intrude into clinical decisions and limit access to care. We believe these decisions are best left to doctors and patients.”

Previously, VHCF has focused its paid media on challenging the Shumlin Administration and legislature to present a budget for Green Mountain Care and offer a specific plan for raising the approximately $3 billion needed to fund it. Despite the passage of two laws implementing Green Mountain Care, neither a budget nor a financing plan has yet been offered. Wennberg explained that VHCF will continue to challenge the administration on this point, but “we thought it was time to show Vermonters some of the unwelcome consequences of government monopoly single payer control.”

The thirty second message, titled “Bureaucrats,” can be viewed on the internet at but is not yet scheduled to run on Vermont television stations. “We had the funds to produce the message, but need to raise additional donations to air it. We are hoping that once people see the ad they will be motivated to make an online donation to help deliver the message to a much wider audience,” Wennberg said. He explained that unlike single payer advocates who are running a heavy schedule of television and radio advertising with a reported $100,000 donation from a huge out-of-state labor union, VHCF depends largely on much smaller contributions from Vermonters.

“We operate on a shoestring budget,” Wennberg explained. “‘Bureaucrats’ was produced using donated space and unpaid volunteer ‘actors.’ Even so we believe it effectively communicates the message that once the government has full control of our health care system, our access to needed services will be limited, not by medical professionals but by unaccountable bureaucrats in the name of cost containment.”

Visit to view “Bureaucrats.” Also available on that page is a one-page ‘Explanation of Content References,’ which explains the basis for claims contained in the message.

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  1. And they keep saying there’s all this money coming in to VT for Vermonters for Healthcare Freedom! If only there was! The only money I see coming into VT is from the Single Payer Healthcare advocates through funding for healthcare staff at VPIRG from George Soros and to Vermont Leads (who block legitimate and respectful posts from people who disagree with them) from SEIU!

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