Vermont’s Demographic Shift is Creating a Workforce Shortage

According to a new study, Vermont’s demographic decline is getting worse.  The following article was posted on the WCAX website:

Vermont’s workforce shortage may only get worse over the next decade as Vermont sees a steady drop in it student population.

A new study by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education indicates the population of U.S. high school graduates is entering a period of modest decline, with Vermont among the states seeing the biggest decline.

According to the study, Vermont hit a peak in its production of high school graduates in 2008 at more than 9,000. Since then, the number has been dropping and is expected to continue to fall to around 6,500 graduates in 2023– a 27 percent decline.

Experts have long cautioned that Vermont is seeing a demographic shift that will imperil the state’s economy, with fewer and fewer people in the workforce to sustain the existing infrastructure and a growing population of senior citizens drawing from those declining resources.

In another post I touched on some of the reasons for our demographic shift.