Vermont's Tea Party Movement in the News

A recent Vermont Public Radio article entitled: “Catamount Room Opens For Political Conversations” details the efforts of certain Vermont Tea Party members to create a gathering place for political debate:

In Manchester, several such groups have opened a storefront salon for political debate.

The sign on the door says Liberty Now! But the space is called the Catamount Room, in reference to the Catamount Tavern – a center of political ferment in Bennington in the 1700s.

Audrey Pietrucha says the old Catamount was Bennington’s political and social hub during the run up to the Revolutionary War.

(Pietrucha) “Catamount Tavern was the meeting place of Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys in Bennington. It’s where they used to plan some of their raids on New York and just talked about the issues of the day. So we thought it was a perfect name for this place.”

Given the state of political debate currently in Vermont, I wish them luck.