Victory! School Choice Passed!


by School Choice Vermont

A step forward has been taken…

Your steadfast support of school choice this legislative session has resulted in the passage of H.771 a bill that will modestly expand public high school choice in Vermont – some would say against fairly heavy odds. Well done!

The voices of parents and educators has made all of the difference in the conversation. You wrote letters, you shared information with friends, family and community members, you testified before the committees by phone or in person, and you made phone calls to the state house to share your support. Your actions and support made all of the difference.

So what will this bill do for school choice in Vermont? Geographic boundaries in Act 150 are removed, and enrollment rules are a bit broader. Stay tuned this weekend for a “translation” of the bill. If you can’t wait, check out this PDF, on page 1828 for the language in the bill.

Thank you for your support. Please share this news with a friend so we can continue to engage supporters of school choice in future efforts.

One thought on “Victory! School Choice Passed!

  1. Hurrah! This is such a small step, but it is a HUGE victory. I know we are all focused on the economy right now, but so many wrong-headed ideas about how to manage our economy start in our schools. School choice is a mechanism that can right a whole lot of wrongs.

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