VT Senate Passes Oregon-style “Kill Bill”

Take it to the People Update

Today the Vermont Senate passed an Oregon-style, doctor-prescribed suicide bill. Having received such a bill from the House, the Senate voted in a “strike-all” substitution that sets up a modified Oregon-style bill which would start immediately once signed by Gov. Shumlin. This bill removed some safeguards, eliminated reporting requirements and authorizes doctors to prescribe lethal doses to patients requesting them. In addition, after 3 years the bill morphs into a doctor immunity bill similar to what was passed in Feb. by the Senate.

Senate “Kill Bill” proponents took a bad bill and made it both worse and dumber in successfully wooing two more votes to their side. Sen. Peter Galbraith (D-Windham) bought into the “immediate enactment”. Sen. Bob Hartwell (D-Bennington) bought the “doctor immunity” deal.

Because the newest version of S.77 is not substantially different from the House version, the bill will return to the House where the vote will be “Does the House concur with the Senate version?” If the vote is to concur, the bill will be on the Governor’s desk by Monday.

Roll Call (17-13) on S.77

Those Senators who voted in the affirmative were: Ashe, Ayer, Baruth, Bray, Collins, Fox, French, Galbraith, Hartwell, Lyons, MacDonald, McCormack, Pollina, Rodgers, Snelling, White, Zuckerman.

Those Senators who voted in the negative were: Benning, Campbell, Cummings, Doyle, Flory, Kitchel, Mazza, McAllister, Mullin, Nitka, Sears, Starr, Westman.

One thought on “VT Senate Passes Oregon-style “Kill Bill”

  1. I remember the recent story of a women in her 60s in Oregon whose doctor said she had terminal cancer and because any treatment would not ultimately cure her, only prolong her life, the only “treatment” the healthcare system offered her was physician assisted suicide. To do otherwise would be to waste the “people’s” limited healthcare funds. This is what we will have in store for us under Shumlincare. Sarah Palin called it early on – death panels. And because Shumlin intends to drive out all private practice (using fixed rates for all doctors, whether in the system or not), Vermonters will have nowhere to turn for hope within the state; and no insurance if they go outside the state seeking alternative treatment. And this is only one “unintended” consequence of this terrible, terrible bill. Parading as “compassion”, is a deep disregard for the sanctity of life. Shame on those who voted for this.

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