VTEP issues statement on Vermont Yankee Refueling

The following is a statement from Brad Ferland, President of the Vermont Energy Partnership, regarding the Vermont Yankee refueling announcement.

“This decision is very good news for Vermont. It keeps 1,200 people at their jobs and ensures more price competitive and reliable electricity for Vermont. Furthermore, it shows Entergy is committed to working in Vermont for the long-term and has the confidence to make this long-term investment. We applaud Entergy for this decision and encourage the state to re-examine its position on Vermont Yankee as the plant provides compelling economic and environmental benefits.”

The Vermont Energy Partnership  is a diverse group of more than 90 business, labor, and community leaders committed to finding clean, affordable and reliable electricity solutions. Its mission is to educate policy makers, the media, businesses, and the general public about why electricity is imperative for prosperity, and about the optimal solutions to preserve and expand our electricity network. Entergy, owner of Vermont Yankee, is a member of the Vermont Energy Partnership.


Guy Page

Communications Director

Vermont Energy Partnership