VTGOP To Elect New Chair

Jack Lindley eager for comeback if chosen

By Alice Dubenetsky

Vermont may be facing one of the most critical junctures in it’s history, and it will be up to the new Chairman of the Vermont GOP to

Jack Lindley

help guide the state to fiscal soundness, common sense, and economic survival. If that sounds dramatic, it takes no more than a look into the health care debate that is currently raging in Montpelier to illustrate the ruinous policies that the one-party rule in Montpelier are willing to foist upon Vermont residents and business.

Because VTGOP Chair Pat McDonald recently resigned due to health issues it will be up to others to take the helm and guide the state GOP towards victory in 2012. The VTGOP will hold elections for a new Chair on Saturday, February 18.

Although Vice Chair Paul Carroccio has been acting Chair since McDonald’s resignation, he has not indicated that he hopes to make the position permanent. However, former Chairman Jack Lindley has stepped forward and is willing to take on the challenges facing the party if he is elected on the 18th.

Lindley served as GOP Treasurer from 1972 – 1978 and as Chair from 1978 – 1981. After years of being out of party politics, he says he is now ready to step back into the political arena and pick up the flag from McDonald, change the direction in which our state is heading and work to apply the brakes to the fiscal train wreck toward which the Democratic governor and Democratic legislature are careening at breathtaking speed.

“We need to focus on the arrogance of single party rule in Vermont,” said Lindley during a recent interview. “It is unbelievable – extraordinary, and Vermonters have to throw that out.” He cited President Obama’s upcoming fundraising junket to Vermont, with tickets costing up to $30,800, as an example of just how arrogant and out of touch with Vermont values the Democrat party has become.

“If we’re smart, I am certain we will prevail in the fall,” he said. “This is a major election in the state of Vermont”.

Lindley is excited about the candidates the GOP will field this year, including Senator Randy Brock for Governor, whom Lindley calls part of the A Team, with a very good chance of defeating Peter Shumlin. “People are excited because we have a good solid ticket top to bottom.” He also says that state must re-elect Lt. Governor Phil Scott and Auditor Tom Salmon and recruit and elect good candidates to run for the Vermont House and Senate “so that we can end the unchecked power of the Democrat controlled legislature.”

In a recent letter announcing his candidacy, Lindley laid out his goals: “I will serve as an unpaid Chairman and using my past experience as Republican Chairman, will work tirelessly to continue to build the party structure and raise the necessary funds to elect our candidates, who will set Vermont on a course that will ensure job creation, fiscal responsibility, an educational system we can afford and an energy policy that will encourage economic development.”

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  1. Lindley was a disaster as chairman in the 1980’s and considering the GOP in Vt is mostly democrat lite, I doubt if he will do any better this time around. If this is the best your party can do, then you really are in trouble and not worth bothering with.

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