Watch SICK & SICKER! FREE this weekend only – courtesy of AAPS

Press Release

This Friday marks 2 years since ObamaCare was signed into law. Next week the Supreme Court will hear the arguments about ACA. Coinciding with these events, the White House is sparing no expense in it’s “media blitz” to convince Americans that PPACA is a good thing.

To counter the President’s propaganda, AAPS has arranged with the producer of SICK & SICKERto make his hard hitting
documentary available to the public FREE of charge – this weekend only.

To watch, simply visit anytime from Friday, March 23 at noon EDT to Sunday March 25 at 11:59pm PDT.

Please spread the word to you friends, family, colleagues, patients and ask them to take less than an hour and learn the truth presented in this engaging movie.

This film exposes the cold, hard, truth about ObamaCare’s false promises using the President’s own words contrasted with the stark, human consequences of government-run medicine seen in our neighbor to the north, Canada. Witness real-life struggles of sick patients failing to receive treatment when the government plays doctor, leaving the real physicians with their hands tied.

Sick and Sicker provides an authoritative message that can change minds and demonstrate to the American people how our current leaders are leading us down the path to medical disaster.

In addition to the free screening this weekend, you can buy an instant download or DVD at

If you would like to hold a future public viewing in your city, you can help fight ObamaCare by purchasing an “Obama-ectomy Screening Package”. This gives you a public performance license and 100 DVDs for only $495. You can sell the DVDs or give them away. You can charge admission to the movie or screen it for free. Call the production company at 310-795-2509 (Los Angeles) or visit