We Need Violence Control, Not Gun Control

by Gerhard Meyer

I saw something today that made me chuckle. It was a photo of a man holding a sign that said, “Gun Sellers are Accomplices of Crimes.” Next to the man was another, also holding a sign. His said, “Spoons Made Me Fat.” This is an excellent illustration of how the Left chooses to deal with problems.

If you’ve ever seen the movie UHF, you may remember the line, “Guns don’t kill people…I do!” While funny, this is gives insight into what gun violence is all about. There have been many unfortunate incidents where violent crimes have been committed with guns. The knee-jerk reaction that many have is to ban guns, hoping that that will stop crime. The problem is that this is the real world, and it doesn’t work that way.

Guns are a mere weapon of choice for criminals; there have been many violent crimes that were committed even before DaVinci invented the Wheelock pistol. If guns were banned, criminals would find other means to achieve their goals. Frankly, if someone is a criminal, they do not pay much regard to the law. They probably wouldn’t care if guns were illegal, either. The result would be innocent citizens with no protection and criminals staying armed, all while feeding the Black Market. Guns are plentiful in the world, and there is no way to remove every single one from the Black Market.

Some contend that guns make crime easier, because they are more efficient and quick to operate. I look at it the way that my father taught me: guns are tools. Like many tools, they can be misused to a dangerous effect. In the end, they are a valuable asset that many prefer for protection or security. Instead of restricting them, the focus should be on the real problem, which is violence. The money spent trying to enforce a silly ban that is impossible to fully achieve should be spent on stopping violence. Schools should be more proactive in targeting violence at an early age. We are already seeing this beginning to take place, and for that I applaud the schools. The great part about this is that it will not only affect gun violence. Boosting the morality and strengthening our national conscience will prevent violence from other weapons as well.

People all across America have reasons to own guns. Up here in Vermont, a gun can mean the difference between a safe walk through the woods and a dangerous animal encounter. It is also why rabies outbreaks never last very long here. In urban areas, a gun is a supplement to a good burglar alarm. An armed house is not likely to be a robber’s first choice on the block.

Guns are a part of our American Heritage. Washington and the Colonial Army would not have done so well if they just had pitchforks and rocks. They were so important that out nation’s founders spoke of their role as the citizens’ last resort against dictatorial oppression. There is a reason why the right to own and bear arms is number two on the Bill of Rights.