Welch votes to allow sex-selection abortions

by Rob Roper

With the backdrop of Democrats trying to pin a phony “war on women” charge against Republicans, the donkey party in Washington ironically killed a bill, the Parental Nondiscrimination Act, that would have banned sex-selection abortion. Since the 1970’s an estimated 163 million girls have been aborted worldwide, knocking the natural ratio of men to women out of balance. Vermont’s congressman, Peter Welch, was one of those voting to allow the process known as gendercide.

In the organic, healthy, natural world, the ratio of baby boys to baby girls born is roughly 105 to 100. Since a slightly higher percentage of boys tend to die as children, by the time a generation reaches maturity, the balance between men and women becomes about equal. Nature has a reason for this. The old bromide, “there’s someone for everyone” is true, or at least it’s supposed to be. The consequences of gender imbalance brought about through more girls being aborted than boys, we are learning, are not pleasant – especially for women.

In her book, Unnatural Selection, Mara Hvistendahl writes, “Historically, societies in which men substantially outnumber women are not nice places to live…. Often they are unstable. Sometimes they are violent.” A large population of males with no prospects for finding a mate is a highly volatile thing.

Jonathan Last notes in his article, The War Against Girls, “In Chinese provinces where the sex ratio has spiked, a crime wave has followed. Today in India, the best predictor of violence and crime for any given area is not income but sex ratio.”

The idea of sex-selection abortion not only devalues girls as disposable, but, as adults, it creates more unpleasantness for women. Last describes the situation:

The “marriage squeeze” caused by skewed sex ratios, men in wealthier imbalanced countries poach women from poorer ones. Ms. Hvistendahl reports from Vietnam, where the mail-order-bride business is booming thanks to the demand for women in China. Prostitution booms, too… As Columbia economics professor Lena Edlund observes: “The greatest danger associated with prenatal sex determination is the propagation of a female underclass.”

There are a couple of interesting polls out related to this issue. The Kaiser Family Foundation has discovered that only 3 in 10 women actually believe there is a “war on women” happening. And a May Gallup poll shows that 51% of Americans now identify as “pro-life” as opposed to 42% “pro-choice.” Even more women came down on the pro-life side, 49-44 percent. According to the poll, these are the highest and lowest percentages for each side since 1995.


5 thoughts on “Welch votes to allow sex-selection abortions

  1. Peter
    seek the truth when you Vote
    Slection Sex abortion is a no brainer
    A unmoral law is not a law
    What are you thinking?

  2. What is the status of enclaves of people where the ratio of women to men is reversed? Is it also more violent due to lack of mates. Getting pretty basic messing around with the Natural law because of so called ‘convenience’ or whatever the reason for such a decision. May Jesus have mercy on us all..

  3. How could you have voted for selective abortion? I guess you have finally come to degrade our sex complely.

  4. Oh Peter! This time I am truly ashamed of you! Selective ABORTION! Please get back to God ….for your sake and the sake of all those souls you have given the green light to destroy! Karen

  5. I have written Peter Welch many times regarding this and other women’s issues. He has always responded with the same pre-written form letter about a “woman’s right to choose”, presuming he allows women to live long enough to be able to choose anything…
    Still, I wrote again:

    I was disappointed, but not surprised at your vote against Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (H.R. 3541) a law to ban sex-selection abortions.

    For whatever support you think you get from Planned Parenthood and the IPPF, you have been waging the same war on women and girls in Vermont and the US as a whole as is being waged in China, India, and all other totalitarian regimes where women are treated as chattel.

    You may not believe in God, but you will…

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