We’re number one

by Robert Maynard

Vermont has the dubious distinction of ranking as the state with then highest tax burden in the nation.  This is before Governor Shumlin and company figure out how to pay for their mad rush toward a Canadian style, government controlled, single payer health care system.  According to this Forbes article: “In Depth: Most Taxed States,” our average tax burden per person is $3,861.  For all those overburdened Vermont taxpayers, the articles offers some good news, albeit a little tongue in cheek:

If there can be a good thing said about a high individual tax burden in Vermont, it’s that the levels of tax are relatively even: personal spending, property taxes and personal income taxes all come out to similar levels at $1,379, $1,004 and $1,306, respectively. So at least your bills draw down your wallet in balance. That’s something, right?

For those who think that we are over burdened now, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Wait until the geniuses in Montpelier come clean on how they plan to finance their government take over of our health care system.


3 thoughts on “We’re number one

  1. Correction to my earlier stat: VT isn’t first-worst but fourth-worst at 4.08. NY and NJ are worst at 3.40, CA third at 3.67. Apologies.

  2. Vermont is near, but not now at, the top. #10 for 2010, according to USA Today.
    Equally significant: Taxpayer Network annual 50 State Comparisons, 2013, VT is the worst for Business Tax Climate Index, with a score of 4.08 for FY 2013 (US best, Wyoming, at 7.66)

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