Westminster Board votes to fight forced Act 46 merger

This article by Susan Smallheer originally appeared Nov. 13 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

WESTMINSTER — The Westminster School Board has voted to go to court if necessary to fight the forced merger of its schools with the towns of Athens and Grafton.

David Major, chairman of the Westminster School Board, said the board voted unanimously to pursue legal action to fight the merger, which was approved by the state Board of Education earlier in the month. A final vote on the forced Act 46 merger plan is slated for Nov. 30.

Major said the school board and members of the community, including teachers and school board members from surrounding towns, met last week to discuss the issue.

“It was nice to have so many people show support,” he said.

The school board authorized him to talk with lawyers and other towns that are also unhappy with the Act 46 mergers, he said.

Major said that at least seven lawyers are working on a legal challenge to Act 46’s constitutionality.

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2 thoughts on “Westminster Board votes to fight forced Act 46 merger

  1. The bottom line is that during the last election, your town and the county voted for the “representatives” that represent YOU. Given their votes on this matter, you voted for this ACT 46 action. Don’t complain. Get your Montpelier voice in a room with you all and verbally rape them on this issue. Otherwise they are deaf to any concern and the taxes required to fund this crap.They are delusional, out of touch and need to be collared to see the real world. People vote party line, can’t see any opposition to the status quo. You should have been aware of all this 5 years ago, but let it slide, a death spiral slide.

    Such Representative should not be getting a salary your taxes went to. What return for our money are you getting—HUH? This universal VT.

    WAKE UP. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • You are correct. The Westminster School Board, and the small but vocal constituency that enables it, were aware of this potential outcome years ago. I warned them when Act 46 first saw the light of day. But Westminster’s local advocacy group and its current school board aren’t interested in efficient education (i.e. higher academic performance and lower costs). Indeed, they refuse to acknowledge that the circumstances leading to Act 46 were of their own creation in the first place. Now they’re interested in the same aspects as is the State Board of Education with whom they’re now competing – control of the money – nothing more.

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