What they’re teaching at the teach-in

by Rob Roper

On November 3, a handful of UVM professors participated in a “teach-in” at Lafayette Hall in conjunction with Occupytogether.com.

They billed the program as, “This Revolution Will Not Be Privatized: A Teach-In on the Current Economic Crisis,” Reecia Orzeck (Geography/Moderator), Elaine McCrate (Economics), Rashad Shabazz (Geography), Anore Horton (History/Huger Free VT), John Summa (Economics), Nancy Welch (English), Avery Pittman (Students Stand Up) spoke.

Those who showed up were treated to lectures on, among other things, “knuckleheaded” tax cuts, the idea that “government cutting back” means eliminating tax cuts rather than returning money to citizens, protectionism as the only way to save jobs, race, and the glories of student uprisings (particularly, it seems, when they result in clashes with police).

This is what all those tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt – a major focus of these Occupy protests – is buying our kids. Is it any wonder they’re graduating from college without the skills to get the kind job necessary to participate in the economy, or at least pay the money back?

For highlights, watch the video below.