Where we are in America

by Linda Kirker

As I read through the financial proposals and facts, I had the feeling that both the democrats and republicans in Congress, and the Obama Administration, are playing monopoly. I kept looking for proposals to audit government departments for abuse, redundancy of services, efficiency of services, etc. Where are the plans to downsize the Federal government itself? Where are the discussions about limiting financial donations abroad until the U.S.A. is back on a track of fiscal sanity? For years, those in power have been poor fiscal stewards of the money of hardworking citizens. Government has ballooned beyond our ability to sustain it. SO! Doesn’t it make sense to reduce the number of programs and employees at the Federal level? Where is the discussion about the $5 Billion dollars, or 22% of the U.N. budget that the U.S. funds? Why be a member of an anti-American, anti-freedom, anti- individual empowerment, and anti U.S. Constitution organization? It seems that there are many ways to cut Federal spending and control. It is time to return the National government to its Constitutionally-limited role in our country. That will cut expenses big time.

Here are some additional thoughts.

What is happening at the Federal level is a disgrace. Those who have been in Congress for many years bear huge responsibility for the sad, and frightening, situation facing all Americans, especially our youth who will either bear the burden of our insurmountable debt, or never experience the freedoms many of us have known. It is not believable that those in Washington, D.C. in Congress and the Obama Administration are blind to the freedoms they have destroyed. Could it be that the intent is to bring the United States to its knees so that we will accept a one world government ? That would effectively erase our Constitutional rights as citizens and the restrictions on government that are so rebuked by President Obama and Congress. “We the People” are responsible for the fast-creeping Socialism that exists in America. It is our duty and responsibility to elect representatives, and a President, that respect the Supreme Law of the Land, our U.S. Constitution. As Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of England, once said,

“Socialism works fine until government runs out of other people’s money”. That’s where we are now, folks. Research U.N. Agenda 21, the United Nations agenda for the 21st Century. Their goal is global governance with a World Court, The World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and Treaties to control our 2nd Amendment right to own a gun, a treaty of the child which gives government more control over our children, a treaty of the seas which would control the seas and impose international taxes and fees on nations, international education standards and so much more. The U.N. wants to impose international humanitarian laws and control of our lands and private properties through environmental laws. Do your own research. The weaker this country becomes financially, morally, spiritually, educationally and culturally, the more vulnerable we are to becoming just another nation.

The United States of America has been an exceptional nation for over 200 years, the land of opportunity sought by people throughout the world. In recent years, we have elected progressives and Socialists, pretty much one and the same, people who do not support individual empowerment, limited government or a free-market system.

Instead, they believe in big government control of business and individuals, “communities” versus focus on individual achievement and accumulation of wealth. Socialists divide the country by creating “groups” of citizens by race, sex and financial status. Then they get votes by promising to provide for their needs with money taken from private businesses and hardworking individuals. Now, the money has run out! The country is over 16 Trillion dollars in debt and government has created taxes and regulations that create hardships on businesses, the funders of government. Will you be part of the solution or part of the problem?

Linda Kirker is the President of the Vermont chapter of American Conservative Women in Action.

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