White River Junction doctor hopes to unseat Rep. Welch

This article by Harmony Birch originally appeared Jan. 18 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

BRATTLEBORO — Dr. Daniel Freilich doesn’t think U.S. Rep. Peter Welch is a bad guy, but he doesn’t think he’s doing enough to fight the establishment.

“People want change. They want it so bad, they voted for Trump,” Freilich said.

Freilich, who lives in White River Junction, also wants change, but not what he describes as “bad change,” which is what he feels happened after the 2016 elections. That’s why Freilich is running as a Democrat for Vermont’s representative seat, which has been occupied by Welch for the past six terms.

Freilich wants to “win the heart and soul of the electorate.”

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3 thoughts on “White River Junction doctor hopes to unseat Rep. Welch

  1. Welch was not for Vt’ers, even tho he thinks he is. He’s from Spfld MA. I tried to get his email letters and he eliminated me, saying I wasn’t a resident. I informed his office, “what gives”. I have VA (Vet) concerns no response. The Bern was the chair in the Senate for Veterans Affairs, again nothing. That’s the outsiders that become VT Congressional “officials” act.

    Remember Howard Dean, from NY State. he screwed up the state and is still hanging on into politics–that’s where the money is. I can still hear his screaming on the political trail.

    Can and hope this Dr Freilich is a lot better. VT needs a change from the drones. Being an “outsider” to VT seems to be the norm. VT is mostly Flatlanders anyhow.

    There’s another conservative running for governor from WRJ, a business guy. Good luck to change.

  2. The Doctor has my vote as I’ve never voted for the probably nice ambulance chasing Commiecrat.

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