Who Benefits from this Decision?

Besides wind companies, who benefits from this decision: Wright: Lowell Mountain decision tragically flawed.  Needless to say, VPIRG supported the decision.

While David Blittersdorf , the CEO of Earth Turbines and founder of NRG Systems, is well known for his ties to VPIRG, he is not the only person with interest in wind companies who has ties to them. Matt Rubin and David Rapaport, are the principals in East Haven Windfarm, the company that wants to put four demonstration wind towers on East Mountain and, ultimately, erect 50 windmills on the ridge lines of Essex County. These two are on the VPIRG Board of Directors.

In addition to constantly lobbying for shutting down “big wind’s” number one competitor Vermont Yankee, VPIRG can be counted on to push for numerous initiatives that benefit wind companies. In a section of VPIRG’s website section labeled “Victories” they trumpet the pushing for all kinds of bills that either subsidize “alternative energy” (such as wind), but regulate forms of energy that wind companies are unable to compete with freely in an open market.

It might be a good idea to investigate whether there is a conflict of interest driving those who support such programs.