Who the Heck is H. Brooke Paige?

By Alice Dubenetsky

When Republican primary voters examine their ballots on August 28th, many might wonder: Who the heck is Republican U.S. Senate candidate H. Brooke Paige? Does he really have a shot of taking the Senate seat from Bernie Sanders, who has upwards of $4 million dollars in his campaign war chest?

Paige believes he does have an outside chance to win, but more importantly, perhaps, an obligation to offer Vermonters a choice. During a visit to the Republican National Committee offices in Montpelier in January he discovered that Vermont did not at that time have a Republican candidate running against Sanders. Paige said Marty Searight, former secretary to Governor Douglas and currently the party’s volunteer Operations Director, challenged him to run. “You can’t beat somebody with nobody,” said Searight. “Why don’t you run?”

Not one to back down from a challenge, Paige discussed the idea of a Senate run his wife, Donna, and they agreed to bring a petition to the upcoming Washington (VT) Town Meeting Day and test the waters. When he received 100 out of 120 signatures, he decided to make it official.

In his position paper Paige states, “While I am sure that there are many who are better prepared for the task – I would consider it a rare honor and privilege to run for such an important position. I have for years watched as the all powerful Federal Government has seized ever increasing control and authority over every aspect of our lives.”

Before Paige can tackle Bernie Sanders, however, he must first best his Republican primary opponent John MacGovern. MacGovern is a seasoned politician and has an extensive resume in state government, having served four terms as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Since moving to Vermont he has made two unsuccessful bids for the Vermont State Senate. Like Paige, MacGovern is also a strong fiscal conservative.

H. Brooke Paige is an engaging and voluble man, and, while he might seem somewhat eccentric at first, it soon becomes apparent that he possesses a keen mind, an insightful grasp of economics, history and politics, and a sharp wit. He is a history buff, an observer of national politics and economics and he overflows with enthusiasm and ideas about how to move the nation away from excessive government control and back to a more citizen and state centered government structure, as the founders intended. A conversation with Paige is like a roller coaster flowing over ideas, history, politics and media; and his listener had better be an active listener because he will suddenly toss out a tough question and wait patiently for a reply.

Paige is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and Administration. While at the University he was heavily influenced by economist Dr. Herman Edward Michl. Paige said he was rigorously schooled by Michl in the defects in our national condition; especially those aspects relating to taxation, finance, Social Security and the Federal Reserve based banking system.

Paige understands business. He has served as District Sales Manager for National Laboratories, and Director of Sales and Marketing at Advance Paper and Chemical Company. A golden parachute from Advance gave him the opportunity to start his own business, Remington News Service, where from 1987 to 2009 he operated news stands and coffee shops in the subway system of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority in Pennsylvania. During that time, he purchased a home in Washington Vermont and commuted back and forth.

Paige agrees with Thomas Jefferson’s assertion that “Government is best which governs the least, because its people will discipline themselves.” Today, he says, the opposite is true, with government intruding into every realm of American’s lives and business, limiting personal freedom and placing excessive and onerous burdens on business that make expansion – or even survival in many cases – difficult or impossible.

Paige believes the federal budget could be reduced by 25% by eliminating waste, fraud and duplication. He would like to see many governmental responsibilities returned to the individual states. He cites the Department of Education, where mandates have made education too expensive for the states to finance, penning them in with one-size-fits-all federal regulations. He believes that a slow transition back to the states will eventually leave them in a position to raise the funds they require to achieve their own education goals.

As for military spending, Paige says the government has cut the fighting reserves too low, forcing the military to rely heavily upon the National Guard and requiring the Guard to serve multiple tours overseas, even though that is not their primary mission.

Paige would like to see our current tax system replaced with a National Sales Tax to resolve inequities. As for unemployment, Paige says, “We need a plan to get America back to work in real jobs, not phony make work schemes that only worsen the problem. These jobs must come from the private sector where labor creates wealth – the public sector creates nothing and the expansion of government employment only worsens our economic crisis.”

Page is unquestionably a serious candidate with an extensive grasp of the problems facing the nation, and he also offers viable solutions. That is something that is noticeably missing from our current Senators, who unabashedly pander to special interests, and often make matters worse to suit their own agenda. He is deeply concerned about the problems facing the nation and hopes to be a part of a solution. “I’m a business guy and have been all my life. I solve problems and move on. Many politicians believe their jobs are dependent on having the government in a constant state of crisis, allowing them to portray themselves as guardians of their constituents. In fact, they are the creators and perpetuators of the destructive conditions they feign to resist.”


7 thoughts on “Who the Heck is H. Brooke Paige?

  1. H. brooke Paige seems to think it is important to determine Obama’s birthplace – keep beating that dead horse — but I’d like to know where Paige was born because I’m becoming weary of carpetbaggers coming to Vermont and promising to represent us.

    • No Mary Jane it’s not the birthplace that is the problem it is the British Subject (citizen of Kenya) babby daddy that disqualifies Barrack Hussein Obama, II from serving as President of the United States of America. The Constitution requires that a President must be a “natural born citizen” which is an individual born in the country to two citizen parents. So regardless of whether Mr. Obama was born in the United States, which under the 14th Amendment naturalizes him at birth as a “citizen of the United States”, however the Consititution requires the President to be a “natural born citizen” combining “native birth” and citizen parents.

      As to the Carpetbaggers remark, this was a term used for Northerners coming to the South during Reconstruction to take whatever the Yankees had not burned to the ground or taken as the spoils of war. A real Vermonter would call both John and I “flatlanders” – so you are most probably one as well!

      H. Brooke Paige

      postscript: having gotten an acceptable ruling from the Vermont Supreme Court, “the dead horse” arguement will be moving on to the SCOTUS early next year.

  2. I agree with Pat. Brooke seems like a likable fellow. But if we want a real shot at getting rid of Bernie, we need to have a candidate who is taking this race serious. The fact that Paige has promised not to do any fundraising has me really concerned that we’ll end up giving Sanders another six-year pass.

    John MacGovern has a proven track record as a Republican who won a Democratic district in MA and is a solid advocate for free markets and free people. MacGovern definitely has my vote!

    • Well, Well, Well!
      Paul Dame, well here is an honest broker – no chance of bias with this fellow? Mr. Dame seems to have forgotten to reveal that he is Mr. MacGovern’s Campaign Manager – a mere oversight, I’m sure. HEY PAUL did it even dawn on you that I was owning the fact that neither John nor I were going to get the BIG BUCKS in the primary and accepting the fact and making it appear to be accepted was better than wringing my hands about it!. John was running around pretending that “when he won the primary – the floodgates would open and ‘a few big donors’ would have him even with Mr. Sanders” in no time – REALLY! How is that working out for you folks now that John has gone “hat in hand” to Washington pleading for the big bucks. Well the September FEC Report will tell the tale – I’m sure you folks will be revealing the millions that you and John have scooped up from the “fat cats”! You folks must be keeping you “powder dry” as I have not seen a single MacGovern TV ad, not heard a single MacGovern radio ad and I have seen only one MacGovern lawn sign in all my travels across Vermont as of this writing on October 3rd. Paul’s comment about winning against a Democrat – is a bit disingenuous as it was a long, long time ago in a land far, far away! Recent history reveals four political losses in a row PLUS four legal losses at the Hanover Institute, charity for MacGovern, post office box operation in White River Junction! So Paul there is a lesson for you in here – silence is golden! Your cheap shot at me was of no consequence – I always understood that I had a slim chance of winning the primary as you folks had the Tea Party and the “Ryan” folks in the bag – what you failed to understand was the enormous favor I did for John by staying in the race and “owning” my candidacy, allowing John to have the exposure afforded him through the debates, newspaper “side-by-sides” and joint appearances we shared. Without these John would have had no coverage before October – and as we can see the lack-luster coverage we received than is more than you folks are garnering today, a mere four weeks before election day! My “scrappy” 25% showing in the primary may seem like a respectable figure compared to the results you and John receive in the General Election. I wish you folks well despite the “crappy” treatment you folks afforded me! My chance will come when “Patty” comes up for reelection in 2016. After that election – Vermont will proudly boast have two Republican Senators in Washington!

      H. Brooke Paige 10/02/2012

      post script: I came across the posting by Paul and given the stupidity of his posting such a ill conceived and transparently biased – I just couldn’t resist responding!

  3. I have interacted with Brooke Paige as well. I’ve caught him on many occasions contradicting himself to please his current audience, namely on abortion. His Republican Primary opponent, John MacGovern, is a man of integrity, experience, and REAL solutions to our economic woes. John MacGovern is a stronger opponent to Bernie Sanders!!!

    • It is long after the primary and I have just come across this comment. I have never pandered to any audience ever! My view on abortion is complicated and unacceptable to those with a “black and white” pro-life viewpoint! I believe that life begins at conception, yet I am enough of a pragmatism to know that the strict pro-life position has saved lives of the at risk unborn. Since the effects of Roe v. Wade have taken their hold on society over 60,000,000 pre-birth infants have been taken by the abortion industry. My position is that we must stop the unacceptable taking of the pre-born at some early stage in development – I generally have held to a 60 day (and on occasion been wrestled to concede to the possibility of extending that to 90 days) BUT NO MORE. I have been informed that after 90 days a pre-born has a heart beat, is able to experience pain, has a functional nervous system and has taken on a recognizable human form, ie. head, hands, abdomen, legs, etc. – it strikes me that at this point that the pre-born is a identifiable human life. My belief that after this point that the infant is a valuable as the mother – and the infant must only be taken if the mothers life is in eminent danger, however if the infant is taken every possible effort should be made to preserve the child, if at all possible. If we, as a nation, took at least this stand – more than half of the infants lost today could be saved. In return for my attempts to carefully and completely express my heart-felt, pragmatic position – I have been excoriated and vilified by the extreme “lifers” and called a supporters of “the baby killers”. Maybe they have a point, however their position has had no practical effect and pre-born infants continue to be aborted by the “bucketful”. Of course many of these MacGovern supporters who attack me are/were traditional Roman Catholics expounding that they believe that only “natural” family planning (and they readily state that MacGovern is a fervently in support of their position); that is the reject the use of any type of birth cotrol including barrier contraceptives like condoms or diaphragms. So call me a pragmatist – Call me “a baby killer” if you must BUT DO NOT CALL ME TWO FACED! All I want is to STOP the needless killing of tens of thousands of pre-born infants.
      H. Brooke Paige 09/29/2012

  4. I met Brooke Paige, he must run against millionaire Bernie Sanders who is over 30 years in office. We see where we are now as a result, no one can rejoice about the economy. Vermonters don’t seem to understand a lot about where Bernie is coming from. Brooke Paige is the man we need right now.

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