Will it Educate? Part II

Governor Shumlin is begging for more federal funding to be sent to Vermont again:

“Gov. Peter Shumlin says the No Child Left Behind act is leaving too many Vermont children behind.

Shumlin, attending the National Governors’ Association winter meeting in Washington, is championing federal funding of early childhood education initiatives in the state. He said the No Child Left Behind law signed by President George W. Bush in 2002 is under review by President Barack Obama and could be renewed.”

Putting aside that fact that Vermont is one of the states that receives more in federal tax dollars than we send, the real question is whether throwing more money at “early childhood education initiatives” is going to improve educational results.  The record does not indicate that it will.  Of course this argument was made when Vermont was considering its universal Pre-K program.  When are we going to stop throwing other people’s money down a rathole of social experimentation that has been proven not to work?