Will the sun put the brakes on global warming?

1) Will The Sun Put The Brakes On Global Warming?
Fox News, 16 July 2017The sun is like a teenager that cycles through mood swings – from dramatic to chill and back again – roughly every eleven years. But this time it’s different. It now appears the sun is heading for a rare, super-chill period that threatens to add some unexpected drama to today’s climate change discussion. –Michael Guillen

2) The Hiatus: One Message For Politicians, Another For Scientists
GWPF Observatory, 17 July 2017 Usually we like our politicians to get down amongst the minutiae of government, but not when it comes to climate change. This is what happened when the EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt discussed the global temperature hiatus of the past 20 years. In written comments to the U.S. Senate about his confirmation hearing on the 18th of January he wrote, “over the past two decades satellite data indicates there has been a leveling off of warming.” Despite the vigorous debate about the hiatus in the peer-reviewed literature this was seen by some as such an incorrect statement that a response had to be made, and fast. Ben Santer of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was quick off the mark. – David Whitehouse
3) Tired Of Being Wrong, Climate Alarmists Move Doomsday To Next Century
Independent Journal Review, 16 July 2017If the climate alarmists weren’t still so politically powerful and represented in Congress by their devoted cult members, it would almost be easy to pity them. Why? Because they’re so spectacularly wrong about so many things. After so many swings and misses while attempting to predict doomsday as being just around the corner, the alarmists have decided to provide themselves a little cover. Climate alarmist James Hansen’s prediction of Manhattan being underwater by 2018 seems to not be happening, so he’s moving his own goal posts and saying “50 to 150 years” now. That’s the beauty of being one of the “we believe in science” people: there’s never any penalty for being wrong. Every prediction that doesn’t come true isn’t a cause for reflection about perhaps adjusting the conclusion; it’s merely an opportunity to pull a new prediction out of thin air.

4) Trump Will Betray U.S. Voters On Climate & Reverse Paris Exit, Macron Predicts
The Times, 17 July 2017  President Macron believes that he may have persuaded President Trump to reverse his decision to pull the United States out of the UN Paris agreement on curbing climate change. “Donald Trump listened to me. He understood the sense of my approach,” the French leader said after the state visit to Paris ended on Friday. “He told me that he would try to find a solution in the coming months. We talked in detail about what could enable him to come back into the Paris accords.” –Charles Bremner

5) Reality Check: Trump To Steer UN Global Warming Funds To Coal, Gas Projects
Daily Caller, 14 July 2017The Trump administration will use its position as a donor to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to steer money towards coal-fired power plants and natural gas infrastructure, according to an unnamed White House official.

6) Miranda Devine: Fear Is The Business Model That Has Made Al Gore Rich
Daily Telegraph, 16 July 2017Scaremongering is what Gore does best, and fear is the business model that has made him rich, though his every apocalyptic scenario has failed to materialise.

7) AP Style Guide Warns Against Legitimising Climate Sceptics
PoliZette, 13 July 2017In the new edition, the AP Stylebook tells journalists to stop calling climate change skeptics “deniers.”