Will We Learn for the Burlington Telecom Fiasco

In a local Fox News article entitled “Shumlin Names Head of Connect VT”, we are informed of the following:

“Governor Peter Shumlin announces the new Chief of Connect VT. Karen Marshall will be responsible for bringing broadband and mobile phone service to Vermonters.”

One would hope that any attempt by a government entity to bring broadband to local Vermonters would proceed with caution in the wake of the Burlington Telecom fiasco.  At least at the municipal level, government owned broadband has not worked out anywhere near as advertised.  See the following Heartland Institute study.  This article was written in 2004 and since then the commercial broadband service industry has advanced, thus making the argument for the necessity of government involvement in this area to insure more coverage is even weaker.

I doubt that State owned broadband would be anymore successful.  Let’s hope those involved do their homework.