Windham County lawmakers knock Trump, Betsy Devos, fake news at candlelight vigil

This article by Chris Mays originally appeared April 11 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

BRATTLEBORO — Woody Bernhard invited candlelight vigil attendees to participate in “the peaceful revolution.”

“[The] peaceful revolution is made up of what I like to call positive, nonviolent action for democracy and civil rights for all people,” the Marlboro resident told about 25 people gathered Sunday night at Pliny Park in Brattleboro. “This is a positive action.”

Bernhard helped organize Sunday’s candlelight vigil, which included speeches from several legislators who represent the Windham County area.

Democracy is under threat, Rep. Mike Mrowicki, D-Windham-4, told the crowd.

“Education is getting shortchanged by Washington,” he said. “Democracy can’t exist without education. We need an informed electorate to be able to make good decisions.”

Mrowicki said capitalists have been putting profit before people and country.

state of Vermont

Rep. Valerie Stuart, D-Brattleboro

A man driving in a car on Main Street began to yell obscenities as Rep. Valerie Stuart, D-Windham-2-1, called Trump “a problem.”

“Stir the pot and,” Stuart said before trailing off and continuing her original thought. “We have a president that’s putting us all in danger. So what I want to say is be active, be involved. Democracy is under fire. Fake news, woo hoo. Let’s all be on it. As a person who went to school for journalism, I think that is one of the biggest problems we face.”

Senate Majority Leader Becca Balint, D-Windham, considers her column in the Reformer “a platform for democracy” that has led to discussions with her neighbors over the last seven years.

“It’s not about my ideas; it’s about all the ideas that people share with me from week to week,” she said. “They share with me their fears, their hopes and their principles.

” … We are facing a very dark time, and it feels like we’re veering precariously close to fascism and it’s very easy to get discouraged. And I know I feel fearful and I feel afraid at times.”

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7 thoughts on “Windham County lawmakers knock Trump, Betsy Devos, fake news at candlelight vigil

  1. Until Windham Co. lawmakers’ combined IQ rises above a double digit, they really ought to keep their dumb, liberal, socialist/Communist opinions to themselves.

  2. The biggest threat to Democracy is coming from the left Socialist control is not conducive to freedoms.
    The influx of “flatlanders” who moved here have changed Vermont to the point that it isn’t even Vermont anymore.

    • Don’t blame flatlanders. They are just filling the void that Vermonters refuse to fill. AND…it is Vermonters who actually vote for them. No. It’s not flatlanders folks. It is YOU!

  3. Odd to accuse Trump of fascism when it is the Progressives who are trying to remove our guns and silence our voices. CONTROL vs FREEDOM

  4. Yes and Valerie Stuart is another transplant come to Vermont to save us all from our own stupidity. Tell me Valerie, just how much would you have us pour into education in this country before you finally get your head out of your butt and decide that it is time to try something different? Year after year we increase spending on public schools, and year after year, decade after decade, test scores don’t budge. The public school monopoly has been a failure for generations and it is time to pull the plug and give them the only thing that may actually improve their product…………….COMPETITION!!!

  5. Fascism? Fascism?!!!! Honey, if there is a move toward fascism it is all coming from the left side of the fence with it’s insatiable appetite to control everything from A – Z in this country. If we live in dangerous times it is only because of people like these who keep stirring the pot trying to divide the races, the economic classes, etc., along with the swamp that is fighting Trump tooth and nail to keep from losing their positions of power and privilege. I am 67 years old. Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who is actually fighting for the working class. Yes, he is taking on China, Mexico, Canada and Russia, and that may feel a little uncomfortable, but it has needed to be done for decades. It is about time we had a president with the strength to fight for something other than the special interests. I am so disgusted with the liberals and the “never Trumpers” who are spending all of their time trying to wipe out Trump and they are doing nothing to fix immigration, improve education, reign in the out of control spending, totally revise the entire tax code, and make a truly intelligent stab at reducing violence in this country. Donald Trump isn’t the problem……….those fighting him are!!!!

    • She is an idiot. This woman could use an education (private, of course, or home schooled) in government and world history. What a nut case. But WHO VOTED FOR THE NIT WIT?

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