WW II Vets Face Down The Community Organizer

By Alice Dubenetsky

The Obama administration is not shy about revealing it’s displeasure when they don’t get 100 percent compliance from Congress, or anyone else.

First they closed down the White House to public tours during the sequester, which continues to this day, denying access to thousands of citizens and school groups. And now, this dishonorable and unethical administration has upped (or lowered) their game by blocking 90-year- old World War II veterans from touring the memorial dedicated to their service to the United States and the world during modern history’s darkest hours.

Barack Obama likes to think he’s showing strength – as Senator Harry Reid likes to reiterate time and again, hoping it might someday become true – but he’s actually demonstrating that he’s a petty, and small, reigning over one of the most vindictive administrations the country has ever endured. This is a president who will not negotiate with anyone who disagrees with his policies, which unfortunately for him happens to be the aggregate of the Republicans in Congress today. Anyone who believes his socialist schemes are bad for the country is demonized politically and personally, as we’re witnessing in the fight over slowing or stopping “Obamacare” in order to raise the debt ceiling.

Every Republicans in Congress has serious concerns about the Affordable Care Act and it’s implementation this week. Not only are the websites predictably not up and running smoothly, but, as it has rolled out over the past year or so, the consequences and damage this law will cause throughout our society are becoming evident. Doctors and hospitals are already telling patients that they will not accept people who are enrolled in the system, and those same people are being told by insurance companies with whom they’ve done business for years that their policies won’t be renewed because of the ACA.

Businesses are laying off workers and reducing hours in order to avoid the completely arbitrary 30 hour work-week defined by the law. What happened to the 40-hour work-week? If ever there was a plan to further impoverish hourly workers, this is it.

It is due to this climate of deep, widespread apprehension that constituents have been clamoring for someone to “do something!” And thus a number of Republicans in the House of Representatives – many of whom largely owe their seats to the “no more business as usual” Tea Party – complied with the wishes of the people. They forced the issue to a head last week with the now famous, or infamous, semi-filibuster by Texas Senator Ted Cruz. That tactic enraged the Democrats and their complicit media. President Obama dug in his heels, his Democrat supporters in the Senate dug in theirs, and they stared down the Republicans all the way to a partial government shut-down this past Tuesday, flinging such epithets as “terrorists” and “jihadists” at them for daring to advance the will of the majority of Americans who question or flatly do not like the Affordable Care Act.

That’s when more nastiness started to ooze out the Obama White House. The partial shutdown basically targets non-essential services across the government spectrum. These could reasonably include national parks and museums that are staffed by government employees, but even there, the administration has the latitude to allow some or all of these attractions to stay open, or certainly to leave open those that require no staffing. But, like a Third World dictator, Obama wants to make sure the people get the message that his administration and their plans are not to be trifled with by the will of the people, all the while trying to pin the whole mess on his nemesis, the Republican Party.

According to a report in the Washington Times, the feds appear to be closing down streets on mere whim, even trying to close or block access to privately funded sites, such as Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington.

“It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service Ranger told the Times. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

On Tuesday, the World War II Veteran Honor Flights ran head-long into the nasty vindictive directives of the Obama White House.

The Honor Flight program is a privately funded organization that flies 80 and 90 year old World War II veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorial erected in their honor. According to the Honor Flight website, “it’s is uncommon for World War II veterans to talk about the War, but the Honor Flight brings their stories out. Many say, with the exception of their wedding day and the birth of their children, the trip is the best day of their life.”

Who on earth would want to ruin that special day for these people who gave so much during a time when the modern world faced it’s darkest days? The Obama administration did, and they ordered the Parks Service to erect barricades around the memorial early this week, even though they KNEW and were personally informed, that Honor Flights were scheduled and they were specifically asked for an exemption so the veterans could have their special, long-awaited day.

Let’s be clear here. These barriers did not exist on Monday. The World War II Memorial is part of the Washington Mall. It is completely outdoors and is in the company of memorials and monuments such as the Jefferson memorial, the Viet Nam Memorial, the Korean Memorial and the Reflecting Pool. Visitors to our nation’s capital routinely stroll through the area, completely and happily to their own devices.

The fact that the Obama administration refused to give these brave people an exemption screams volumes about their own depraved values and motives, but it didn’t keep the organizers of the event from committing an act of civil disobedience by removing the barriers so the veterans could walk, or in many cases roll, into the place of their honor.

On Wednesday, another group of veterans again removed the barriers and went on their way to enjoy their memorial and the company of their fellow patriots. These brave men and women have stormed shores much more hostile than a few barriers and guards, and they weren’t about to let politics stand in their way. They aren’t called the Greatest Generation for being community organizers, but for being the people who saved the Western world from the dark forces of terrible evil, at a terrible cost to themselves.

And so, it an ugly fit of petty spite, the Obama administration reacted with threat to arrest some of the best, bravest and most patriotic people in America if they dared to defy his command again. As of Thursday, there were photos showing that the moveable barricades had been reinforced with wire so they can’t be separated and moved. What’s next? Concrete and barbed wire?

Isn’t this what we fought two World Wars to prevent?