Xianzhi ‘Sarah’ Liu: An unintentional revolutionary

Robert Maynard

A while back I had a chance to attend a “Voice of the Martyrs'” conference here in Vermont.  VoM is a group that gives a voice to persecuted Christians from around the world.  From statistics I have read, there were more Christian martyrs in the 20th Century than the previous 19 combined.  This seems to be continuing into the 21st Century.  Around the globe these martyrs form a quiet and peaceful vanguard of a freedom revolution.  These unintentional revolutionaries are in the forefront of a coming transformation that could usher in an era of freedom.  They are persecuted because their loyalties lie first and foremost to a transcendent God, instead of the cult of the omnipotent state.  I had the honor of meeting and talking with one of these brave souls directly.  Her name was Xianzhi “Sarah” Liu from China.  She was a quiet, soft spoken and humble young lady, who’s small size contrasted with her vast courage.  Here is her own testimony right from her website:


I am a Christian who was persecuted and tortured for my belief in Jesus Christ. In 1989 I was born again, and baptized in 1991. Since baptisms were outlawed, I was baptized in the winter night to evade the watchful eye of the police. I traveled throughout Hubei and Sichuan province (Southern China) as an ordained evangelist. Like the Lord’s disciples, my coworker and I went from village to village preaching the good news.

It is better to obey God rather than man. Because of my gospel activities, I was arrested in the Hubei Province for ‘disturbing social order’ in 1991, and held in the local jail for two months. In July 1996, I was arrested again with the same charges and was sentenced without trial for three years to the Women’s Re-Education through Labor Prison. Sadly on my birthday in

May 2001, I was arrested again; abducted and sent to the Forced Labor Camp.

With the help of my church and China Aid, I escaped China in 2005 and was smuggled into the US. Now living in Los Angeles, it is even more important to help Christians in the underground church.

Here is a short video of a small part of her journey: 

The underground Christian movement in China is among the most dynamic religious movements in the world.

Some very prominent scholars think that this movement may one day alter the global geopolitical balance in favor of democracy.  Dr. Aikman, is a best-selling author, journalist, and foreign policy consultant. Aikman graduated from Oxford University’s Worcester College in 1965 and gained a PhD from the University of Washington in Russian and Chinese history in 1979.  In 2003 he authored a book entitled “Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China And Changing the Global Balance of Power.”  He is such a respected scholar that even skeptics from among the world of foreign policy experts had to take notice.  His book was reviewed in the May/June 2004 edition if Foreign Affairs.  Here is what the reviewer had to say:

Aikman, former Beijing bureau chief for Time, starts his impressive analysis of the state of Christianity in China with a solid review of its early history, from the Nestorians and Jesuits to the Taiping and Boxer Rebellions. Most of this book, however, is devoted to the current scene, which consists of Communist Partysponsored Protestant and Catholic churches and thousands of “home churches” that are technically illegal but often have large, conspicuous buildings. Indeed, the authorities are more than a little ambivalent about how to treat Christianity: the party faithful continue to regard all religion as a threat, whereas researchers at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences assert that it was Christianity that made the West strong. Aikman builds his analysis around a diverse array of individual Christians, from entrepreneurs and entertainers to foreign service officers and party officials. He estimates that “Christian believers in China, both Catholic and Protestant, may be closer to 80 million than the official combined Catholic-Protestant figure of 21 million” and that “it is possible that Christians will constitute 20 to 30 percent of China’s population within three decades.” Like the many observers who get carried away speculating about China’s economic growth, Aikman proclaims that this spread of Christianity will ultimately change the global balance of power. But one does not have to agree with such a prediction to find much of interest in this book.

Whether China’s underground Christians end up changing the global balance of power remains to be seen, but they already are a force for freedom and deserve the support of all those who wish freedom well.  Sarah remains in contact with this heroic movement and is doing all she can to assist those persecuted freedom fighters still living in China.  She could use our support.

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1. To purchase her book go to Aneko Press: https://anekopress.com/?s=Sarah%27s+Journey+of+Faith&post_type=product&tags=1&ixwps=

2. To send Sarah a word of encouragement: SarahLiu.SJF@gmail.com

3. To support the underground church in China AND to enable Sarah to continue speaking out, go to: https://smashfund.com/9332886/sarah-liu-and-the-underground-church-china

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