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Bio-diesel From Sunflowers in Vermont; another RE folly?

By Willem Post As part of the Vermont Bioenergy Initiative, Green Mountain Power, GMP, hopes to reduce consumer costs, CO2 emissions and other pollutants. It […]

Eco-Imperialism – Global media is catching on, but where is the American media?

By Robert Maynard It has been 5 years since “ECO-IMPERIALISM: Green Power – Black Death” was published and some global media outlets are finally  getting around to notice […]


Event Date: 25th September, 2014 Today’s students are the future of our great country. It is crucial that a new generation of conservative leaders are trained […]

Progressive Road Show Hits Bristol

By Alice Dubenetsky The Progressive Road Show rolled into Bristol last Saturday, complete with class warfare, bombast, and straw men.  At times it seemed more […]

VT-NEA Lays Out Expectations for Single Payer Advocacy (VIDEO)

by Rob Roper Joel Cook, the executive director for the Vermont National Education Association (VT-NEA) testified before the House Committee on Healthcare, laying out what […]


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Rainfall & Floods – Observations More Reliable Than Climate Models

Global Warming Policy Foundation Press Release London, 10 October: A new briefing paper from the Global Warming Policy Foundation reviews the scientific literature on rainfall and floods and finds little evidence that there have been significant changes in recent years and little support for claims that they will become worse in future. Despite claims to the […]

MacIver Institute President Brett Healy

Unions take dues from more than 250,000 public workers

By Jason Hart | Public-sector unions took forced dues from more than 250,000 public employees in 2013, siphoning away taxpayer money to support the unions’ shared goal of bigger government. Some, but not all, of the labor unions that take mandatory “agency fees” from public employees must report the number of agency fee payers to the […]