The meaning of Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day we honor all those who went to war under the flag of our country – particularly those who lie beneath those small white crosses in cemeteries the world over. And we honor those whose remains never came home to us – their bones washed by the currents of the Coral Sea, entombed in the mighty Arizona at Pearl Harbor, long returned to dust on battlefields from Belleau Wood to Bastogne to Chosin to Khe Sanh and Iraq…

Gov. Scott’s Memorial Day Statement

As we celebrate and enjoy this Memorial Day weekend across Vermont, I hope we all stop to appreciate and remember those who have given their lives in service to our country. I want to personally thank all active military members, veterans and their families. The sacrifices made for our freedom should never be taken for granted, and on Memorial Day – and every day – we honor and thank you.


We’ve come recently to recognize that as a city we’ve also neglected the trust we inherited and — in deferring maintenance and abandoning oversight — allowed Memorial Auditorium to become unsafe and unusable. The lack of responsibility is so objectively apparent, even a current city councilor acknowledged, “We’ve been bad landlords.” Memorial Auditorium — Burlington’s principle tribute to those who stepped toward harm and ultimate self-sacrifice in uniformed service on behalf of every one of us — was intended to serve a public which was trusted without unreasonable burden to simply maintain and make use of it, has become more a symbol of our failure rather than our highest principles.